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Industry’s Influence on Health: UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Groups

Industry's Influence on Health

Hi guys. Continuing our exploration of the pharmaceutical industry’s influence on health and health policy at a global level, in this Causes or Cures podcast, I have a conversation with Emily Rickard about her research on how the industry influences the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Groups. She will explain what the All-Party Parliamentary Groups, particularly the […]

Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease: What Indigenous Populations Can Teach Us

Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?  The million-dollar question. Rates of dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease, are only increasing in developed nations as scientists race to find treatments and identify preventive strategies. This is a hotbed of research and hopefully answers emerge. The US and other developed nations are “greying populations”, meaning our birth rates are low, and our […]

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