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Measles in Afghanistan: Kills 74 Kids

Measles in Afghanistan

  Measles in Afghanistan: Kills 74 kids. You might have noticed that I’ve been writing more about Measles and featuring guests on my podcasts to talk about topics related to Measles. It’s because I could see Measles making a comeback in a variety of ways, partially due to fear over COVID vaccines. Most recently, Blima […]

The Truth about Vaccines: Dive In

The Truth About Vaccines is that They've Saved A lot of Lives.

By: Dr. Eeks  If this read is complicated, good. The truth about vaccines is that we should be grateful we have them, but nothing is without risk. If you have anything to do with the “wellness” industry, you will encounter people who curse vaccines. They’ll tell you that vaccines are the devil and the cause […]

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