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MonkeyPox Outbreak in Nigeria, Started in 2017…

MonkeyPox Outbreak in Nigeria

An unusual monkeypox outbreak in Nigeria started in 2017 after the country hadn’t see a human case in40 years and is ongoing till this day. Unfortunately, it wasn’t discussed (or even referenced) in the mainstream media until now, 2022, when the outbreak spilled over into the wealthy countries. While conspiracy theories, anxiety-inducing headlines and panic […]

MonkeyPox Case in Maryland

MonkeyPox case in Maryland

MonkeyPox Case in Maryland: A Maryland resident who recently traveled to Nigeria tested positive for monkeypox. Health officials state that the person is only experiencing mild symtpoms and is isolated from other people. I assume they are conducing contact tracing to notify anyone else the person may have come in contact with, especially folks who […]

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