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The Epidemic of Loneliness?

The epidemic of loneliness

Is there an epidemic of loneliness? Not too long ago, the surgeon general released an 81 page report on America’s epidemic of loneliness & isolation. If you’re lonely and have nothing else to do, you might even read it all. ;) Of course, there is a distinction between feeling lonely and being alone. You can […]

Polygamy and Mental Health: A Convo with SisterWives Founders

Polygamy and mental health

Polygamy and Mental Health…what’s that about? Interview & Blog by Dr. Eeks Hi guys. Below is a fun, casual, organic, informative and entertaining conversation I had with Christopher and Robyn Alesich about polygamy and mental health. They are married to each other, polygamists and founders of SisterWives.Com, the largest polygamy dating site and the only […]

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