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Healthy Lifestyle Factors and Risk of Long COVID

healthy lifestyle factors and the risk of long COVID

What is the link between healthy lifestyle factors and risk of Long COVID? Secondary to COVID, Long COVID, or symptoms that persist after recovery from COVID, has become its own major health issue. I’ve talked to a few friends who recovered from COVID and say they have fatigue, difficulty breathing or “brain fog” and even […]

Asthma and COVID

Asthma and COVID

Asthma and COVID- what’s the scoop? Is asthma a serious risk factor for COVID? The news coverage on this topic has been somewhat confusing as researchers try to determine the exact association. I had a personal interest in this association, because I have asthma. I was diagnosed with asthma after some mysterious lung virus in […]

Immune Amnesia: What is that?

Immune Amnesia

Immune amnesia: What’s that? On Episode 88 of my health and wellness podcast, Causes or Cures, I chatted with Dr. Guillermo Barrios Morales about his new research that modeled the effects of Measles-induced Immune Amnesia, while another infectious disease outbreak is happening simultaneously. For example, COVID-19. In the podcast he dives into deeper detail on […]

COVID vaccines, transmission, death & public health policy

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COVID vaccines, transmission, death & public health policy: The CDC recently published a study as part of its MMWR to assess how well the COVID-19 vaccines and boosters impacted case numbers, deaths, and incident rate ratios (IRR) during the pre-Delta time period, Delta emergence (June ’21), Delta dominance (July-Nov’21) and during the emergence of Omicron […]

A Model for COVID Vaccines- What did it Show?

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Another model for COVID vaccines- what did this one show? A recent study published in JAMA assessed how effective the COVID-19 vaccines were in the US during the vaccine rollout across a portion of the pandemic (October1’2020- June 30’2021) Researchers at Yale University’s Center for Infectious Disease Modeling built a predictive model that included transmission […]

Fluvoxamine for COVID: Interview with Dr. Lenze

Fluvoxamine for COVID

Fluvoxamine for COVID, what? Fluvoxamine is a cheap, generic, oral drug that is classified and used as an antidepressant. That said, recent trials have tested its use as early, at-home treatment for COVID-19 and so far, the results look extremely promising. So promising that an application was recently submitted to the FDA for emergency use […]

COVID’s Effect on Sperm

COVID's Effect on Sperm

  COVID’s effect on sperm:  By: Dr. Eeks A recent study in Belgium looked at the sperm of 121 men, average age of 34, who had recovered from a validated COVID infection. The goal of the study was to determine COVID’s effect on sperm, if any, since the receptors COVID binds to (ACE-2 receptors) are […]

Gum for COVID-19 ?

Gum for COVID-19

Gum for COVID-19 might be a thing one day. A study titled “Debulking SARS-CoV-2 in saliva using angiotensin converting enzyme 2 in chewing gum to decrease oral virus transmission and infection” recently came out in the journal Molecular Therapy. It is a very complicated study to read and unless you have a good understanding of […]

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