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Healthy Lifestyle Factors and Risk of Long COVID

healthy lifestyle factors and the risk of long COVID

What is the link between healthy lifestyle factors and risk of Long COVID? Secondary to COVID, Long COVID, or symptoms that persist after recovery from COVID, has become its own major health issue. I’ve talked to a few friends who recovered from COVID and say they have fatigue, difficulty breathing or “brain fog” and even […]

Real-Time Prediction of COVID Vaccines

Real-time prediction of COVID vaccines

The first real-time prediction of COVID Vaccines has been created by a team of researchers in Hong Kong. I was lucky to talk to one of the lead researchers, Professor Maggie Wang, on my Causes or Cures Podcast. Obviously, durability of COVID vaccines and how well they work against, what seems like, an endless army […]

A Model for COVID Vaccines- What did it Show?

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Another model for COVID vaccines- what did this one show? A recent study published in JAMA assessed how effective the COVID-19 vaccines were in the US during the vaccine rollout across a portion of the pandemic (October1’2020- June 30’2021) Researchers at Yale University’s Center for Infectious Disease Modeling built a predictive model that included transmission […]

Prenatal Exposure to COVID and Neurodevelopment Issues

Prenatal Exposure to COVID

By: Eeks Prental exposure to COVID and Neurodevelopment Issues: A preprint study (not yet peer-reviewed) shows that prenatal exposure to COVID-19  may lead to neurodevelopment issues in the baby. Obviously wait till this is peer-reviewed before you run with it, but it’s still interesting research to consider. What happens when there is prenatal exposure to […]

The COVID vaccines

Copy of Copy of Copy of Contaminants in Commercial Supplements, with a Focus on Microalgal Supplements_ With Dr. Piotr Rzymski (9)

  What’s the scoop on the new COVID vaccines? Dr. Andrew Fleming, an infectious disease doctor here in NYC, recently came on my Causes or Cures podcast to discuss the new vaccines. He has done research on antibody responses to COVID-19 and knows the specifics of the vaccine trials. Listen, I get people being anxious […]

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