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A Natural Way to Reduce Anxiety: Binaural Acoustics

Natural Way to Reduce Anxiety

  By: Erin Stair, MD, MPH A natural way to reduce stress and anxiety is to listen to binaural acoustics. They are my go-to when I feel anxious or am having difficulty falling or staying asleep. I also use them when I have premenstrual cramps, since binaural acoustics at specific frequencies have been shown to […]

Dr. Walsh, Nutritional Medicine Guru and Founder of the Walsh Research Institute: What is the Significance of Nutritional Therapies and Mental Disorders?


        Can the right supplement combination improve mood? Today I’m posting an interview I conducted with Dr. William Walsh, nutritional medicine guru, author of Nutrient Power and founder and president of the Walsh Research Institute.  Dr. Walsh conducts physician training programs in advanced biochemical/nutrient therapies. He has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles and […]

Virtual Reality Can Enhance Exposure Therapy for Anxiety- Especially in Teens

VRUser_6 (1)

This is a Guest Post. Recently, Trevor McDonald wrote a post on teen depression and anxiety. He explored theories about why the teenage brain is more vulnerable to such conditions. While we have a lot of informational tidbits on mental ailments, it’s difficult to put them all together and paint a clear picture. Because of […]

Anxiety? Eat Fermented Foods


  By Erin Stair, MD, MPH A recently published study in Psychiatric Research shows that individuals who eat more fermented foods have less anxiety, especially social anxiety, and significantly less neurosis.  This wasn’t a randomized controlled trial, however over 700 individuals were surveyed, so that’s a big sample size.  The correlation is most likely due […]

Aconite for Anxiety? A Review of K-OK Kiddie Calmer for Kids with Anxiety.

One of my family members told me about this great new anti-anxiety supplement for kids called K-OK Kiddie Calmer.  It has great reviews online so I decided to check out the ingredients to better understand its anxiety-reducing magic.  I was also told the supplement was FDA-approved, but upon subsequent research, I discovered that it’s not. […]

Research Says Casual Sex equals Depression (or Depression equals Casual Sex)


I was reading a study published in the most recent issue of The Journal of Sex Research in which it was concluded that casual sex and hookups leads to higher levels of anxiety and depression.  The study surveyed 3,900 college-aged students across the United States, and interestingly enough, the feelings of anxiety and depression were similar […]

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