What’s a ZENBand?

   The ZENBand is a wellness headband with inserted flat, pillow speakers and an eye-mask in one, designed by Erin Stair, MD, MPH. It easily plugs into the standard headphone jack or adapters. What? No wireless?!? That’s right, no. We don’t create wireless at this time, because of the growing health concerns with EMF-producing devices, especially when so close to your body. The WHO has stated that they are going to reevaluate the safety of EMF-emitting devices, and once they do, we will reevaluate. Not having a headphone jack isn’t an issue, because you can easily get an adapter like this for your phone. We also recommend keeping your phone off of/away from your body while listening. For true wellness, meditation and hypnosis gurus, try listening with an old Mp3 player and take a break from the distractions and addiction of your phone. (For more information on this, please read: Why I would Never Wear Bluetooth or Make a Wireless ZENBand.)

  Unlike regular headphones or earbuds, the removable speakers are extremely soft and flat that do not put pressure on your ears, in your ears or hurt your head while resting. They don’t go inside your ears, so you reduce risk of bacteria or viruses being transmitted inside your ears. The ZENBand is made of soft material and comes in a variety of colors and fun designs.

  It’s elastic, one size fits all ( 9 by 3.5) and is made to go along with our sound therapy, or ZENTone programs.Popular uses of the ZENBand are for: napping, hypnobirthing, mediating with sounds,  listening to affirmations, anxiety relief, traveling well and flying. It is NOT designed for sleeping.


What are ZENTones?

ZENTones are sound programs to help reduce anxiety, stress, build focus and help you sleep. They aren’t medical treatments or cures.  Each of our programs was designed by a team of researchers, and rooted in the science of specialized sound sequencing, binaural acoustics and isochronic tones. These scientifically-selected sounds are arranged in a specific sequence to create your desired mental state.  ZENTones are NOT music nor are they “music therapy.” They are holistic, natural, effective and noninvasive approaches to common human problems, like stress, depression, inability to fall asleep, inability to focus and  general anxiety. They should not replace the advice of your doctors or your current medication. They require headphones to work. In an independent study, we noticed that people responded better to the ZENTones when their headphones were more comfortable AND outside light was minimized. Hence, we created the ZENBand to optimize your experience with the ZENTones.


What is the science behind ZENTones?

Binaural acoustics are composit beats that are created when two different and PURE tones are simultaneously presented, one to each ear. For example, if 120 Hz are played in the left ear and 125 Hz are played in the right ear, the perceived frequency of the signal will be 5 Hz. For therapeutic purposes, the frequencies produced must be small. Larger differences will not have the same effect. Also, pure tones rarely exist in nature, which is why they must be created.

Because a binaural tone does not exist in physical space, it is sometimes called a phantom beat or an auditory illusion. In order for you to detect binaural acoustics, you need to wear headphones, or in this case, the ZENBand. Theoretically, the binaural acoustics will entrain an individual’s brain to an external rhythm, and to do so, the tones need to be presented in a specific sequence and at a specific frequency. (It’s the equivalent of your brain following a rhythm like your muscles do while dancing to music.) A very natural example of entrainment is our own sleep/wake cycle with light/dark.  The sequence of how the sounds are presented to you matters for effective results, as well as the ambient sounds in which they are presented,  which a lot of mainstream binaural tracks ignore. For example, white noise backgrounds actually increase the impact of the binaural beats.

“Entrainment” is officially defined as changing the brain’s current frequency to a desired frequency via external auditory stimulation with beats at the desired frequency. Your brain has 5 key brainwaves:

  1. Delta brainwaves have the slowest frequency (1-4 Hz) and dominate during sleep.
  2. Theta waves operate at a frequency of 4-8 Hz and are shown to enhance creativity and relaxation.
  3. Alpha waves have a frequency of 8-13 Hz and are associated with relaxed wakefulness and decreased cravings.
  4. Beta waves have a frequency of 15-24 Hz and are associated with alertness, concentration, attention and memory.
  5. Gamma waves have a frequency of 25-100 Hz and are associated with states of heightened sensitivity.

Some recent research suggests the effectiveness of binaural stimulation is that it calms down the autonomic nervous system, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (vagus nerve), or alters brain connectivity in other ways. We don’t know for sure, but we do know, from a subjective standpoint and several independent studies, that the majority of our users say the programs help a lot with their anxiety, sleep and mood. We can’t say for sure that we know the exact mechanism, but we do think that utilizing ALL of your senses when attempting to reduce stress and anxiety is beneficial. 

What will I get if I order a sound program? 

You will receive an EMAIL IMMEDIATELY UPON PURCHASE with access to the ZENTones.  If for some reason you don’t receive this email, write us, and we will fix the issue ASAP. 

Instructions for Best Use:

Each ZenTones program is custom-made and scientifically-designed to address specific ailments. We advise that you listen to the entire length of the program for at least 3 weeks, at least 3 times a week.  For best practice:

1) Download or Bookmark the ZENTones on your phone or computer

2) Listening with headphones is a MUST for the programs to work. Listen with the ZENBand and cover your eyes for added relaxation

3) Be well-hydrated

4) Practice in a cool, quiet, dark area.

5) Close and/or cover your eyes with our ZenBands to keep out light and maximize the effect of relaxation. Light is a trigger for migraines, anxiety, panic and insomnia. 

6) Most recent research suggests listening at least 20 minutes/ day for increased benefit.

Are listening to the ZenTones safe?

 Yes, they are extremely safe for adults and kids. Of course, if you are driving, operating heavy machinery, running from Zombies, etc… and need to stay awake, you should not listen to the ZenTones that will cause you to fall asleep. Don’t stop taking any prescribed medication.  ZENTones are relaxation TOOLS. If you have any concerns, always discuss with your physician first.

Where can I access studies on acoustic therapies like ZenTones and sound sequencing?

Please click here for links to evidence on binaural acoustics, sound therapy and ZENTones.

You can also  request our research booklet, which gives a detailed description of the history of binaural sound stimulation, sound sequencing, and describes a pilot study Dr. Stair conducted involving dozens of volunteers with sleep issues. 72% of participants had improved sleep quality, and 94% planned to recommend this approach to a friend. Binaural beats have been studied since the mid-1800s. We also commonly post recently published research and customer testimonials in our blog and link to reviews on our Press page.

Can I wash my ZenBands?

Yes, they are washable and the speakers are removable.  If you have trouble removing them, write us.  Wash in COLD water.

Can I listen to other music with my ZenBands?

Yes! They plug right into your phone or laptop or any of the commonly used adapters. If you have an I-phone or Android, you’ll need an adapter like this one, because we don’t create Bluetooth for health reasons.

My speakers broke, what do I do? 

Write us. Send us the broken pair and we will replace.

What am I waiting for?

We couldn’t imagine…



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