Public Health Consulting

Public Health Consulting & Scicomms:

Public Health Consulting Work Includes:

  • Task and Technical Lead on National & International Public Health Projects
  • New Interventions: From Stage 1(Research) to Planning, Implementation, Evaluation and Feedback.
  • Existing Program Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis (familiar with several programs)
  • Design and creation of standard operating procedures
  • Digital Health interventions: Optimization, Uptake, Evaluation, Workflow Improvements & Increasing Patient Adherence
  • Epidemic Response, Developing Risk Protocols and Communication for Public Health Emergencies

For Scicomms, Most of the Battle is Making Science Understandable.

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is the importance of how science is communicated. Effective scientific communication is critical, whether it be for building trust, motivating a target audience to make specific health choices, education and risk management, or gaining more exposure, interest and funding for research studies.

Scicomms shoul always be data-driven, with high emphasis placed on maintaining scientific accuracy while still ensuring that you resonate with the target population. If something is uncertain, that uncertainty should be communicated in a way that does not stoke anxiety. Depending on the project,  I can take a more conventional approach or get creative and fun. When it comes to process, I take a meditative approach. That means I maintain awareness of my internal biases and the internal biases of the messenger and the message receivers. I also utilize a checks and balances system, because one pair of eyes is never enough. An optimal editorial process must be collaborative and open to feedback. Part of that editorial process must go beyond grammar and design and check to see if you will connect and resonate with your target population. In the field of health communications, tons of people are great at preaching to the choir. In other words, they’re great at something that is easy, which is connecting to people who already think like you. There is no art in that. The art of scicomms is connecting with the “other choirs” who don’t think like you.


In addition to public health consulting, of my SciComms  Consulting work includes: 

  • Communication research & Analysis
  • Target Audience Research
  • Public Health Counterintelligence
  • Turning Scientific Language into Plain Language
  • Message Testing
  • Writing and editing a wide variety of content ( manuscripts, slides, case studies, blogs, press releases)
  • Creative Social Media Posts
  • Running scicomms campaigns from start to finish
  • Plan and Host Virtual Conferences and Focus Groups
  • Host and Record Science Podcasts
  • Custom-Made Comedic Presentations for Trending Scientific Topics (Oh yeah.)
  • KOL Interviews

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