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What are ZENBands:

Comfty, boho-styled, wide headbands that come with an inside slit for speakers.

The ZENBand comes with insertable flat, pillow speakers that feel like lightweight cushions against your ears.

Many wellness enthusiasts use the ZENBand for sound therapy, meditation, hypnosis, hypnobirthing and child birth preparation, for running, guided imageries and our own sound therapy programs. We also work with a lot of neurodivergent people who have sensitivity issues, particularly ear sensitivities. And we work with a lot of people who have hearing aids and can’t use regular headphones. We do not recommend sleeping in the ZENBand.

What about Size?

One size fits most. Each ZENBand is 9 by 3.5 inches and elastic to stretch. There is a 1 inch slit in the back for you to put in & remove the pillow speakers.

Can the ZENBand act as an eye-mask? 

Yes, we purposely designed them that way. They are wide enough to comfortably pull over your eyes.

What are the Speakers Made of & How Do I Remove Them? 

The speakers are custom-made from soft, spongy material. They are so lightweight that you won’t feel them against your ears, and you might find it hard to go back to regular earbuds or headphones. To remove them from the band, gently squeeze the spongy material. Do NOT pull on the wires to remove them from the band.

Why aren’t the Speakers Wireless? 

The pillow speakers are wired, because we try to minimize our wireless exposure here. If you are interested as to why, you can read more about it here.  To use the ZENBand with your phone, you’ll probably need an adapter, like this one from Best Buy. We all use the ZENBands with these adapters and they work great.

Who Designs the ZENBand? 

Dr. Eeks designed the band and speaker combination and runs in her ZENBand almost daily. All designs on the ZENBands were made by Utah-based artist, Elsha Stockseth. Elsha passed away in 2021, but her spirit and talent live on through our ZENBands. She has an inspiring and interesting story, and you can learn about her here.


Can I wash the ZENBands?

Yes. Please wash all ZENBands in cold water. Any inserted speakers can be removed easily through the inside 1-inch slit.


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54 reviews for ZENBands

  1. Chris

    if you want to relax, this is the headband for you 🙂

    “Individual results may vary from person to person”

  2. Ava

    Love my zen band!!! Every time I want to shove a donut in my mouth I put my zen band on and my cravings go away!

    “Individual results may vary from person to person”

  3. Marilyn Gruenloh

    Relaxation comes easily with my zen band. Have had medical issues this year and my zen band has been so very helpful in drifting away into a nap.

    “Individual results may vary from person to person”

  4. Shan

    I absolutely love my zen band! It is so comfortable and can be worn in any situation, from trying to zone out at the beach, to beating insomnia and achieving the ultimate relaxation at night. If you are looking for a relief from headaches, anxiety, insomnia, etc—then definitely try the zen band!

    “Individual results may vary from person to person”

  5. Jen

    My Zen band is amazing… really relaxing helps with head aches and its stylish too!

    “Individual results may vary from person to person”

  6. Sue

    Excellent product! I have two, one green and one black, LOVE the migraine track and the middle of the day stress buster…a nice, nice alternative to meds for anxiety, insomnia, depression, and migraines-something physicians ought to be aware of and consider suggesting to patients-just used my ZEN band and migraine track the other night to abort a migraine…worked out great!!!

    “Individual results may vary from person to person”

  7. Tim L.

    Living in NYC it’s not always easy to get away from it all, but my ZENBand is just the thing to help relieve some stress, relax, and center myself to get ready for what’s next. I also travel with it to help me take a quick nap and timeout while I’m on the road.

    “Individual results may vary from person to person”

  8. Tony Fantasia

    I use ZenTones often. Each of the files has helped me at one point or another to manage stress and improve focus. As a former Army Medic I found it difficult to adjust to life after my return from Iraq and Afghanistan and the ZenTones was an easy way to help retrain the brain while doing normal daily functions. I run a veteran support organization as well, and all of my members use these tones to their benefit. I am grateful.

    “Individual results may vary from person to person”

  9. Heather

    This has really helped with the increased anxiety that I get late in the evening. I take my Zen Band everywhere and will be giving some as gifts this holiday season!!

    “Individual results may vary from person to person”

  10. Star

    Great product! Such an inventive way to keep both my ears warm and keep my headphones from sliding around when running in the cold or moving around in bed. Also very effective at enabling me to listen to the relaxation audio without keeping my partner awake. Thank you!

    “Individual results may vary from person to person”

  11. Steve B.

    Great Value and Incredibly Beneficial

    I bought my Zen Band after hemming and hawing for a while. I thought, why can’t I just get a cheap eye mask and use some headphones instead? See, I am in the military and sometimes go one long trips and have to share rooms with others. It’s not pleasant for sleeping with others making noise or turning lights on and off. So, I gave in and I am happy that I did.

    First, the band is incredibly comfortable. I have used eye masks before but the straps always bothered my ears. I do not notice the band because the fabric feels so soft.

    Second, the speakers are just right. I first wore them on a flight. They were great at blocking out light and whited out the sounds. I also sleep on my side and back. I was concerned about the speakers on the bed side. I simply pushed it to the side whenever it bothered me. If my roommate snores I just turn on my Zen Track.

    Finally, the Zen Track is helpful. I have used white noise on deployments but this track is better. There is an extra sound that calms my brain and helps me rest.

    Bonus – you are helping an entrepreneur. I like to help out small businesses like Blooming Wellness.

    Bottom line – buy these bands. They’re great for travelers or someone who needs the sleeping area to be a bit darker.

    “Individual results may vary from person to person”

  12. Mary Catherine Graziano

    These Zenbands are great–soft, comfortable, no pressure on the ears, and what’s more, they’re great for hearing impaired folks. I’m hearing impaired, and regular headphones are a constant problem. Regular headphones put a lot of pressure on my ears, pushing the hearing aids against my head–I can usually only wear regular headphones for about an hour. I also often get “feedback” from regular headphones, and while I still would use my telecoil setting for zero feedback with Zenbands, I could actually use Zenbands on the “full hearing” setting–Zenbands give me very little feedback.
    Anyway, these are a perfect solution for people with hearing aids.
    They are also really nifty looking, comfortable, and cute.
    The customer service is AWESOME. Thanks, Dr. Eeks, these are great!

  13. Cynthia

    Our pregnant moms at HypnoBirthing of CT in Westport love this product. I’t’s brilliant how the headphones are embedded and it’s not necessary to have earbuds, which can become uncomfortable over time. It’s also great how it can slip down over the eyes for meditation, too. Great product!

  14. Melissa

    My ZENBand is a must for travel and for general relaxation, anxiety and stress relief, as well as helping calm my racing mind before sleep. I love that I can wear it as a headband or over my eyes, and the speakers are so much more comfortable than ear buds. Even though the headphones can be used with other music, the ZENTones help relieve my stress and anxiety while taking me away to a happy place!

  15. Joe

    Great product. Allows me to focus on My Zen meditation without dealing with headphones falling out of ears. Used it when relaxing, doing graduate work and sleeping. If there was an negative, it would be shifting the speakers in the band. May have to get a second one because my fiancé keeps taking the band and using it for herself.

  16. Sheridan-Enjoy Birth

    I was excited to try the ZenBand because I had a similar product that had recently accidently gone through the washing machine with the bedsheets and had bit the dust. So I was thrilled to be able to try the ZenBand.

    I use sleep headphones when listening to hypnosis scripts at night while falling asleep, or in the middle of the night if I wake up and can’t fall back asleep.

    I really enjoyed the ZenBand.

    The first thing I noticed was that it was comfortable. The seams are very small flat and are not noticeable when laying down.

    Also the sizing was nice, tight enough to stay in place, but not too tight.

    It can double as an eye mask.

    The sound quality was good.

    The ear pieces do move around quite easily within the bands. This can be good, because it is easy to get them in just the right place you want them on your ears. Which is great when I am awake and about to go to sleep.

    However, in the middle of the night, it was challenging, because I am half asleep and it is harder to get them situated and since they move so easily they don’t stay in place from when I took them off in my sleep after originally falling asleep.

    The only other observation is that the headphone pieces are not as flat as the other brand I had, which makes it potentially not as comfortable if you are lying on your side. However, for me I like to listen on my back, so the ZenBand works well for me.

    If you are using a hypnosis for childbirth program, sleep headphone bands like this are a great tool.

  17. Karina

    Hi my name is Karina Nogisto-Hirvoja and I am a yoga teacher & studio owner of Karina Yoga in Estonia. I absolutely love my Zen band. Currently I am 9 months pregnant and zen band has helped me to get better sleep and it is the best thing to use while preparing for Hypnobirthing. Airphones tend to hurt my ears, specially when I use them in bed while trying to sleep, but zen band is soft and air plugs inside of the band are round and soft and you can move them around for best position. I also plan to use my zen band while giving birth, so I can meditate and stay in my zen zone instead of hospital zone 🙂 I also love the fact that you can pull the zen band down and use it as an eye mask . Perfect for natural birth.
    Also it works well in the bedroom because my husband can only fall asleep when the room is silent, but I on the other hand need music and meditations, I love love love the zen band. Plus I look good wearing my zen band 🙂

  18. bumps ‘n’ babies – Midwives of Bristol, UK

    As midwives teaching hypnobirthing antenatal classes we think these headphone/headbands are a fantastic idea. They are super comfy and allow you to listen to your hypnobirthing hypnosis tracks or relaxation music without the discomfort sometimes felt with earphones. They even double up as an eye mask so you can totally block out any audio or visual distractions as you listen to your tracks which is particularly useful in labour. We’ll definitely be recommending them to our clients!

  19. Anthea Thomas Faculty Member HypnoBirthing Institute

    Our HypnoBirthing Mothers are loving the Zen Bands! Thanks Erin for your support! The Zen Bands are perfect for our birthing mothers to help them really relax and let go. Such a genius invention, no more sore ears from hours of having ear phones in their ears. Plus now they can hide away with the band as an eye mask! So clever!

  20. Jane Wirshirer

    I LOVE the new speakers!!
    Bought the Stained Glass and Camo ZENBands for my daughters who just got into yoga and meditation. They LOVE it. They also spray the band with essential oils and say it really enhances their experience. The new speakers are delightful– highly recommend. Jane.

  21. Gary Waters

    The ONLY thing I wear while flying! I LOVE this for airports and planes. Genius and so comfortable. I have bad flight anxiety and this is perfect.

  22. Eliza Hofstra

    Amazing! Completely brought my meditation practice to the next level and NO Bluetooth EMFs. My cousin died of a. Rain tumor and her neurologist swore it was from Bluetooth as she always had it on her head. Thank you for creating a safe and simple product that is so comfty and works!

  23. Rebecca Goldberg

    I wore my ZENBand while giving birth! I used it for hypnobirthing and I absolutely LOVED it. I’m so happy you have a wired version, too– as I don’ t trust the health effects of wireless, especially while pregnant. My little one is 5 months now. I still use my ZENBand while breastfeeding! I also sell essential oils and often spray different scents on the band– when I need to sleep, energy, etc… Lord knows I need those now more than ever. lol

  24. Siciliy Roberto

    I LOVE these!
    For the price?!?! You can’t beat them.
    And, yes, I’m listening in Airplane Mode, because I’m one of those wellness freaks who is worried about radiation. 🙂 I got a sample at the BioEnergy Conference in Florida earlier this year and then went out and bought some for our entire office. Everyone loves them. The speakers can slide a little, and they aren’t sound proof, but that’s good, because then I can hear my daughter crying at night or if someone is outside and shouldn’t be. Will be buying more!

  25. Zelda Gibson

    Perfect and you can’t go wrong with the price!

    I’m sensitive to EMF exposure due to Fibromyalgia, so I LOVE this. As an acupuncturist, will continue to use with my patients as well.

  26. Liz

    I LOVE the Zenband! It’s comfy and easy to used I have tried it whilst walking and slow jogging to keep me in the zone as well as mediating with the band over my eyes. Bliss! I will be recommending to clients and professionals alike x

  27. Lora M. Freeling

    I’m a birth doula and hypnobirthing instructor at a birth center here in the states. I LOVE this product and my students truly love it. Finally found something cute to wear and solve the problem of painful earbuds! The new speakers are so soft too– for the price, you cannot beat it. Some of my students even wear it while in labor. Thanks again- and will be ordering more!

  28. Rebekka Leimer

    I bought a pair of CozyPhones and they were not comfty nor were they cute! The label is on your forehead, so I felt like a walking advertisement for them. I ordered the blue ZENBand and absolutely LOVED it. Used it for Hypnobabies and had a healthy baby boy– my Hypnobaby now. I’m so glad I found these, total game changer, and I will be telling all of my friends. I’m so glad you take into consideration the cotton fabric , as well, as I do not want spandex or fleece material with plastic near my ears nor head. I’d give this 10 stars if I could!

  29. Jane Osler

    Just ordered the Purple ZENBand and absolutely LOVE it!! For folks reading this, it’s a WIDE band, and it makes it so much easier to cover your eyes and take a snooze. Used it with Hypnobabies and plan on using it for my upcoming trip to Italy.
    Wondering if you can make them for kids? It’d be great to have those for the plane!

  30. Deidria Coin

    Really love this product and for the price, you can’t beat it. I had the older thinner band, and think I will enjoy the new thicker ones more. I like to pull it over my eyes. I’m in sales and travel all of the time, so I was looking for something like this. I also did NOT want anything wireless, as I have a brother with a severe ear tumor who used Bluetooth ALL of the time. I don’t think it’s safe, and I’m happy I found this through my wellness forum online. My one suggestion is to make the band wider to cover the eyes more, but I see the new ones do that! 🙂 Looking forward to trying it. Also, great customer service. They are right: They totally get back to you right away, often Erin herself.

  31. Andrea

    Buy this! You will love it. Super comfortable for meditating, but also rocks my Amazon playlist. Great colors and fun payterns. Have gifted this to several peope, who have , in turn, gifted them to friends. Great sound quality.

    • Erin

      Thanks so much for this, Andrea! 🙂 Glad you like them! – Erin

  32. Sharon

    I love the Zen bands… easy to use and great value as they deliver something priceless: a good nights sleep!!

  33. Amanda

    I love my ZenBand. Meditation has been extremely helpful while going through a high risk pregnancy and the ZenBands make meditation so much more comfortable. I plan to use it during my labor while listening to my birthing meditation. I recommend these to all my friends.

    • Erin

      Awesome to hear! Thanks so much for letting us know and we are glad we can make your meditation experience during pregnancy more comfortable. 🙂

  34. Sophie Griffiths

    Such an innovative product which is perfect for women both preparing for birth and during the birth itself! Highly recommend.

  35. Bear

    Just tried out the xl zen band, worked great! I tried the red one a couple weeks ago – it fit, bit was a little tight, and the earpieces wouldn’t reach my ears. I ended up gifting that one to a friend.

    The XL you included fit better and the earpieces were exactly where I needed them!

    I think I’m going to purchase the camo one (if you still have them) for my mother!

  36. Rebecca Morray

    Absolutely loved it for birth! SO comfty!

  37. bloomwp

    Thank you to everyone who left a review! It looks like we were operating on a “4 Star” system before and now we are operating on a “5 star” system. LOL. Keep that in mind when reading through the reviews! Thank you. 🙂 Dr. Erin

  38. Lilly Tooley

    So, my cord broke through the braided portion, which was annoying. I get that the braided portion is there so it doesn\’t tangle, but once the cord broke through, I found it frustrating. I did hit the cord against my kitchen table ( flung the band) so note to folks: Don\’t throw it around. LOL. It did not affect the sound and the band part itself is amazingly comfortable. I will say their customer service is phenomenal. I wrote them, and they wrote back within MINUTES And offered to replace my speakers. I plan on wearing the new ones during birth.

  39. Lilly Tooley

    So, my cord broke through the braided portion, which was annoying. I get that the braided portion is there so it doesn’t tangle, but once the cord broke through, I found it frustrating. I did hit the cord against my kitchen table ( flung the band) so note to folks: Don’t throw it around. LOL. It did not affect the sound and the band part itself is amazingly comfortable. I will say their customer service is phenomenal. I wrote them, and they wrote back within MINUTES And offered to replace my speakers. I plan on wearing the new ones during birth.

  40. Joey B.

    I bought a ZENBand for my flight to China. Absolutely LOVED it. The speakers are great sound quality AND you can entirely pull it over your eyes without light coming in the bottom. Def. purchasing more. The ZENTones are great too!

  41. Sonia Higgens

    These are SO comfortable. The sound quality is excellent. I am wearing them during my pregnancy and labor… and using them for my Hypnobabies course. That said, my last baby developed a neurological problem that my new doctor attributes to too much cell phone exposure while in utero. I hadn’t heard of this before. Since then, I have been following EMF exposure and am SO glad you don’t make wireless and take the time to do the research. I do not let my kids wear wireless headphones or my husband. I have an I-phone, but since they took the headphone jack away, I got the adapter and these work FINE. Thank you for being so mindful of health and true wellness! For those of us impacted, it means a lot.

  42. Laurie Howell

    LOVE these!! I got them through my Hypnobabies group and they are absolutely amazing. Made my pregnancy hypnosis SO much better. Was also looking for a non-Bluetooth option and so happy to find these.

  43. Caty P

    So, this band is so versatile. I wore it during my pregnancy, when I first heard about it ,then I wore it on a flight to visit my parents and now I’m wearing it while breast feeding! I love how comfortable it is, because earbuds really hurt after a while. And when I pull it over my eyes, my husband knows not to bother me! LOL

    • bloomwp

      Thanks for this! Love this one 🙂

  44. Sarah Shepard

    I really liked my Zen band! I used them for hypnosis childbirth training, and they were totally comfortable for me to fall asleep. I wore them during the birth too, and I was afraid wearing a headband would drive me crazy but it didn’t at all! And being able to pull it over my eyes when I wanted to block out my surroundings was great.

  45. Mary Catherine Graziano

    These are great. The bands are comfortable and made of high-quality material! The speakers are incredible. The pillow speakers are soft and comfortable, the quality of the materials is excellent–cloth covered wire, metal jack housing, speakers have excellent sound quality. I’m hearing-impaired, and wear hearing aids. I can’t wear “in-the-ear” ear-buds, for obvious reasons, and “over the ear” headphones are awkward and generate feedback. These are comfortable, work great, and can easily be used with telecoil. All of those expensive adaptive headphone systems are unnecessary with one of these. Just use them like any other person would use headphones. It’s fantastic. LOVE THEM. In fact, I love these so much, this is a second purchase for me.

    • bloomwp

      Thanks for this and letting me know another way they can be of use!! 🙂

  46. Lea White

    My daughter and I love our Zenbands! She uses hers daily to listen to music, and I use mine (with zentones) to help me fall asleep after a stressful day.
    And it was a total lifesaver when I had to get emergency dental surgery without sedation. I just blasted my favorite calming zentone, slid the zenband over my eyes to keep me from seeing the dental tools, and drifted off to a different world. I seriously don’t know what I would have done without my zen help!
    Now I recommend them all the time for daily calming and meditation, as well as stressful scenarios (dental work, air travel). If you get the complete set of zentones, there are tons of options so you are bound to find something that works for you.

  47. Jill Breens

    These are amazing! I was looking for wired headphones, because I don’t use Bluetooth anymore. I heard about these from my post cancer group, that looks for non EMF radiation devices that we can safely use. Obviously wireless headphones, and too much cell phone use is not healthy, especially if you were already hit once with a health issue. These are amazing. So comfortable. I’m using mine a lot now because of what’s going on in the world. Lots of stress, and these help.

  48. Barbara Fava

    Soft, great level of audio and relaxing. Finally, I have a system that allows me to listen to music without having headphones pressing on my head.
    I can wear it for hours!

  49. Grace McClellan MD

    I love my zen band. Perfect for paraliminal recordings which must be in stereo and you can cover the eyes too!! Bravo Also, thanks Dr. Erin for doing all that reading on wireless tech so I don’t have to- grateful

  50. Kathleen Campbell

    I’ve purchased several zen bands and can’t live without them. I work graveyard shift and use my band to cover my eyes (and listen to podcasts) while I sleep during daylight hours. So helpful and comfortable! However, the BEST part has been the fantastic customer service. When I had a problem, Erin went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied in a timely fashion. That’s something you don’t see every day! Bravo!!!

  51. Gina Castell

    For the price, you can\’t beat this!
    I\’m a midwife and my pregnant clients absolutely love this tool. They use it with their hypnobabies classes. It\’s the best one on the market, because it\’s wide enough to cover your eyes and block out all distractions. Love, love love!!

  52. Kaitlynn

    Currently pregnant and practicing Hypnobabies. I love that I can lay down with my head against the pillow while listening, and it not hurt my ears. I plan to use these after birth as well for my sleep meditation tracks! So glad I found these!!

  53. Abby

    I am so grateful my midwife recommended these to me so that I could practice my hypnobabies overnight while pregnant. The band was comfortable enough to leave on all night and the headphones didn’t hurt my ears. This is a wonderful option for me as in-ear earbuds never fit my ears and are uncomfortable. Because of Zenbands, I got so much more sleep during this pregnancy! They cured every restless night! I even slept through some early labor contractions! Thank you!!

  54. Patricia

    These work well for listening to meditations or hypnosis before bed. I had to sew the little speakers into place or they moved around too much. They work well now but I wish there was just a solid black color so my sewing wouldn’t be so apparent.

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