Zen Pillow Speakers ( Go inside the ZENBand)


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Order the Zen Pillow Speakers here!

(The bands are sold separately!)

What are Zen Pillow Speakers?

They are flat, lightweight and made with super-soft material that feels like cushions for your ears. Unlike regular earbuds or headphones, they are made with only softy material, nothing hard.

What side does the sound come out of?

1 side of the speakers is Blue. The other side is Black. Sound comes out of the Blue side.

Can I Use Them with My Own Headband or Pillow?

Yes, you sure can! For folks who want to insert the pillow speakers in their own headbands or bandanas, you can do that. Other people like to insert the pillow speakers in their pillow cases and listen that way. Still, some folks just like to rest on them.

How Do I Use Them with the ZENBand?

The speakers are flat and made with soft, spongy material. You can squeeze the sides to insert and remove them from the band. Use your hands to maneuver them and put them in the place you want them to be. Do NOT pull on the wire to insert and/or remove them!

Why Aren’t They Wireless?

Because we are a health and wellness site, and despite the wireless craze, there is enough research to indicate that limiting the use of wireless gadgets, especially so close to your brain, is healthy and wise. There are animal studies and epidemiological data linking wireless exposure to deleterious health issues. Please read this post by Dr. Erin Stair, MD, MPH for a fuller understanding of why we stick to wired. Also, if you are using one of those popular “EMF blockers” or “EMF cases” chances are they don’t work and may actually increase your exposure to wireless radiation. For a great podcast on this topic, listen to Dr. Stair’s interview Dr. Paul Heroux here. 

So how do the Zen Pillow Speakers Work?

The pillow speakers can be put inside our ZENBands & plug into the standard headphone jack or any of the lightening adapters that come with your phone or that can be purchased at Best Buy, Amazon, etc. The chord is designed not to tangle, and we currently offer an aluminum foil one and one that is all black.

What do People Use the Zen Pillow Speaker For?

They use them for meditation, travel, hypnosis, walking, running or general relaxation. We do not recommend for sleeping and for a healthy night’s sleep, would advise you to sleep completely tech-free.

I want the ZEN Pillow Speakers and the ZENBand, what do I do?

Great! If you’d like to use the pillow speakers with our ZENBands, please order a band here. The speakers and bands are sold separately!






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