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Yours in Wellness, Krystal Heeling: Letters from the Wellness Industry

A “very” Short, Comedic Audiobook Parody on the Wellness Industry, available here:

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“A totally stupid almost-a-book that will make you laugh if your underwear aren’t up your butt.” –  A former teacher

Note from the author:
This is short and not really a book, but whatever. I felt like creating it, so I did. And I highly recommend listening to the audiobook. It’s a much better experience.

The Description from the Back of the Book: 

“Krystal Heeling is the CEO of Verdant Corpora, a boutique wellness brand and, when she writes an email to her brand ambassadors, she doesn’t pull her punches. “If I catch any of you appealing to the broke and not the woke, you will no longer represent our brand,” she writes in one of her trademark missives. Holding tight to the reigns of the power Krystal wields in the world of supplements, detoxes and New Age therapies, she crisply and methodically instructs her Wellness Ambassadors on the dos and (many) don’ts of the luxurious wellness industry.

In a series of letters, Krystal responds to her team’s legitimate concerns, such as questionable supplement ingredients and lack of scientific evidence for their product claims, while always pointing out why Verdant Corpora is far more ethical than Big Pharma, an industry of profit hounds and data manipulators. Heeling’s underlings fall like flies as they unwittingly commit one solecism after another, falling short of the Paltrowian ideals to which Heeling so ardently aspires; principles that she herself cannot consistently achieve and seemingly uses color therapy through a series of bizarre drawings to cope.

Yours in Wellness, Dr. Stair’s second book, is a short, incisive, humorous take on the wellness industry that you will be sure to enjoy while sipping an $11 acai-wheatgrass kombucha. As we say in the land of coffee enemas, “Bottoms Up!”

If you want an actual book or story…, feel free to check out Manic Kingdom, a Story of Breakdown and Breakthrough.

Meet Becka, King and Chase. It’s really about embracing uncertainty, forgiveness, and letting go of the need to have answers to, “Why did this happen?






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