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These programs use the science of sound to help reduce stress associated with chronic pain or Fibromyalgia. The best part? All you have to do is listen.

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What are they specifically?

The “Stress with Pain” Relief  ZENTones are not cures for any chronic pain or acute pain condition. They are tools that utilize the science of sounds to help reduce stress often associated with pain, which can then help reduce sensations of pain. They are custom-made, use different sounds and utilize the science of sound sequencing, binaural beats, brainwaves and isochronic tones. You MUST wear headphones for the programs to be effective. If you are curious about the science behind our programs, please visit our FAQ page.

By purchasing this product, you will receive an email with downloadable links to the following below ZENTone programs, which will allow you to store them on any device you choose. To reduce radiation exposure, we recommend listening on Airplane mode, with your phone to your side, NOT on your body, and use wired headphones, not Bluetooth ones.

Once you order this product, you will receive an email with downloadable links to the below “Stress with Chronic Pain” Relief ZENTones programs:

1. Pain Relief ZENTones: This is a 25 minute program that uses low frequency delta and sub-delta waves and isochronic tones and chimes to help relax and reduce stress-induced symptoms of chronic pain. This is a great one to try for Fibromyalgia-related pain, Chronic pain conditions, PMS and Pregnancy pains.

2. Stress-Induced Headache Pain Relief ZENTones: This is a 25 minute program that uses low frequency delta waves and deep vibrational singing bowels to help alleviate stress-induced headache pain.

3. Restore Sleep and Reduce Pain ZENTones: A 25 minute session of sub-delta waves that boosts restorative sleep and may help alleviate chronic pain issues. Sub-delta waves are associated with Stage 3 of sleep. Disruptions of delta waves are associated with an increased risk of depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD and even Type Two Diabetes. In Fibromyalgia, for example, alpha waves are shown to interfere with sub-delta waves in Stage 3 of sleep. 

Are these programs safe? 

Yes. They are simply sounds you listen to. Adults and kids can try them.

NOTE: The Stress with Pain Relief ZENTones have not been evaluated by the FDA. The Stress with Pain Relief ZENTones should never replace your doctor’s advice. They are stress-reducing and relaxation tools only.

Want the package deal?

Access ALL our  ZENTones for added help for stress, poor sleep and poor focus. You can also read reviews on that page.


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