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Reducing stress is nore important than ever, and why not try a natural approach first?

Please consider these custom-made sound programs relaxation tools. They use the science of sounds and guided imagery to help reduce stress. The best part? All you have to do is listen!

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What are they specifically? 

The Stress Relief ZENTones programs use the science of sound sequencing, binaural beats, guided imagery and isochronic tones to naturally help reduce stress and enhance the body’s relaxation response. These are not medical interventions and should never replace any medication you may take. They are simply custom-made relaxation tools made by special software.

You must wear headphones for the programs to work. If you have any questions about the science of binaural beats, please visit our FAQ page.

Upon purchasing the Stress Relief ZENTones product you will be emailed downloadable links to the below six sound programs. This will allow you to download the programs and store them on any device you please.

1. Daytime Stress Relief ZENTones: This 25 minute sound program is designed to help fight daytime stress. Anecdotally, many people use it to fight off cravings, such as unhealthy food cravings. It’s not a cure-all for anxiety by any means, but it’s a helpful tool to add to your toolbox! The program uses specific sound sequencing, relaxing yet alert alpha waves, and an ambient generator to help calm and restore your mind to a place of peace and clarity.

2.  Daytime Stress Relief with Whale Sounds ZENTones: This 25 minute sound program is scientifically designed to help reduce daytime stress. It should not make you tired. It uses specific sound sequencing, relaxing yet alert alpha waves and whale sounds to help calm your mind.

3.  Deep Meditative Stress Relief ZENTones: This is a 45 minute sound program that uses isochronic tones and binaural beats that descend into relaxing theta frequencies and then rise back up to alpha frequencies, so you leave the session refreshed and awake.

4. Guided Stress Relief  ZENTones: ​This is a 30 minute guided stress relief sound program. It uses relaxing alpha waves incorporating a guided imagery, randomly generated wind chimes and beats. Entrainment is embedded in all audio, including the voice. ​

5. Nighttime Stress Relief ZENTones: This is a 60 minute session that you should listen to at night to address night time anxiety, not during the day when you need your brain active and awake. This is also an ideal ZENTone program to listen to before long flights if you want to fall asleep.  It includes delta and theta waves, and entrainment embedded in calming thunder, rain and singing bowls.

6. The Healing Garden Guided Imagery:  A 10 minute guided imagery written by Dr. Eeks and recorded by voice actor Abigail Rose to help alleviate stress associated with chronic illness,  stressful medical treatments, chronic pain issues, and to help open the mind to healing and acceptance.

7. Body Stress Relief ZENTones: This is a 25 minute program that uses low frequency delta and sub-delta waves and isochronic tones and chimes to help relax the mind and body.

8. Mind-Body Stress Relief ZENTones: This is a 25 minute program that uses low frequency delta waves and deep vibrational singing bowels to help alleviate stress-induced body aches.


NOTE: The Stress Relief ZENTones have not been evaluated by the FDA. They should not replace your doctor’s advice. They are stress-reducing and relaxation tools only.

Are they safe? 

Yes, they are. They are sounds you listen to, but if you have any concerns, ask your doctor or write us.

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