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Sleep ZENTones can help you fall and stay asleep.

Now more than ever, a good night’s sleep is vital for your physical and mental health. Why not try a natural approach first?

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The below Sleep ZENTones have been designed to help restore or induce sleep. These are tools that utilize the science of sound and guided imagery to help you fall or stay asleep. They are not cures nor medicine for insomnia, so please keep that in mind. Please view these as relaxation tools only. We use a special kind of software to make custom-made sound programs that utilize the science of sound sequencing, binaural beats, and isochronic tones. You must wear headphones for the programs to be effective. If you are curious about the science behind binaural beats, please visit our FAQ page.

You can listen with any headphones, but if you have sensitive ears, try listening with one of our ZENBands.

By purchasing this product, you will receive an email with downloadable links to the following Five ZENTone programs and “Path to Sleep” Guided Imagery, which will allow you to store them on any device you choose.

  1. Restorative Sleep ZENTones:  A 25 minute session of sub-delta waves that helps improve restorative sleep. Sub-delta waves are associated with Stage 3 of sleep. Disruptions of delta waves are associated with an increased risk of depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD and even Type Two Diabetes. In Fibromyalgia, for example, alpha waves are shown to interfere with sub-delta waves in Stage 3 of sleep.
  2. Sleep Induction with Crickets ZENTones: This soothing 50 minute sound program uses a sequence of scientifically selected sounds, including crickets, delta waves and isochronic tones to help lull you into a calm and peaceful snooze.
  3. Sleep Induction with Underwater Sounds & Whales ZENTones: This 50 minute sound program uses scientifically selected sounds, including underwater and whale sounds, delta waves and isochronic tones to help induce sleep.
  4. Sleep Induction with White Noise ZENTones: A 50 minute sound program that uses white noise, delta waves and isochronic tones to help induce sleep.
  5. Sleep Induction with Beach Sounds ZENTones: A 50 minute program that uses common beach sounds, delta waves and isochronic tones to induce sleep.
  6. Path to Sleep Guided Imagery:  A 10 minute guided imagery written by Dr. Eeks and recorded by voice actor Mike Carnes to help you deal with ruminations, unhelpful, stressful thoughts, and to help clear your mind before bed.

Are these safe? 

Yes, they are safe, but if you have specific questions, ask us. ZENTones are sounds you listen too.  They are a relaxation tool. You aren’t swallowing a pill. That said, do not listen to the Fall Asleep ZENTones if you are driving or operating heavy machinery.

Read Dr. Eeks’ recommended all-natural, pre-sleep routine here, using ZENTones and the ZENBand.

If you have any questions about these programs, write us. 


Please note that the Sleep ZENTones programs have not been evaluated by the FDA and should never replace the advice of your doctor or replace your current medication. They are tools that may help you get to sleep, but not medication or regulated devices. If you are thinking about stopping your medication, always discuss with your doctor first.

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3 reviews for Sleep ZENTones

  1. Dr. Shannon Cooley

    I’m a friend of Dr. Erin and have been using these with my patients to help them sleep. So far, wonderful results. It’s nice to have a natural approach to sleep that isn’t too out there! Thank you.

  2. John Miller

    Some of the sleep ZENTones reminded me of my time back in Iraq ( sounded like a chopper) which was a bit uncomfortable. I switched to the ones with crickets and the guided imagery one and had MUCH better luck. Looking forward to trying out the whole ZENTones package.

  3. Joey B.

    Bought these and the ZENBand for my flight to China from Wisconsin. Loved them both! I love all the choices I get with the ZENTones.

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