Focus and Attention ZENTones




Focus and Attention ZENTones:

The following sound programs use the science of sound sequencing, binaural beats, brain waves and isochronic tones to help naturally boost attention and improve focus. These are NOT cures for ADHD or poor focus by any stretch, but they are tools that utilize the science of sounds that may help you improve attention span and one’s ability to focus.  You must wear headphones for the programs to work. To eliminate exposure to radiation, we recommend listening in Airplane mode, have your phone at your side and NOT on your body, and wear wired headphones, not Bluetooth. If you have any questions about the science behind our programs, please visit our FAQ page. ( I will update this page as new studies come out on binaural acoustics.)

When you order this product, you will receive an email with downloadable links to the ZENTones that you can download and store on any device. Keep in mind that the ZENTones are not medical treatments, are considered alternative treatments and should never replace the advice of your doctor nor your medication.

Focus and Attention ZENTones:

1. Help Reduce Poor Attention Span ZENTones: This 25 minute session helps reduce poor attention by stimulating the right brain hemisphere with alpha and SMR waves and stimulating the left brain hemisphere with alpha and beta waves.

2. Creative Focus ZENTones: This 30 minute program is designed to inspire and boost creativity. The sound choices, melodic vibrations and frequencies are scientifically arranged to boost attention, focus and get your creative juices flowing.

3. Energy Drink ZENTones: This 30 minute program is engineered with specific melodies and high-wave frequencies to wake up your brain. A perfect replacement for energy drinks and caffeine. This is the rhythm of alert and ready.

4. Study and Focus at Work ZENTones: This 28 minute program contains beta wave entrainment to help facilitate attention and focus while studying or working. 

NOTE: These have not been evaluated by the FDA. They should never replace your doctor’s advice. They are stress-reducing and relaxation tools only​.

Add a ZENBand to listen the most comfortable way.

Why do these work? Here is information on the science behind our programs.

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