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If you don’t live in the USA, you can STILL order ZENTones and get them INSTANTLY, as they are delivered to your email as soon as you order. Dr. Stair will follow up with everyone via email.

Does the Coronavirus have you stressed out?

Us too. Now more than ever, it’s time to actively implement stress reduction in your life. ZENTones are an affordable, easy and effective way to do that. ( We reduced the price significantly during this time, so more people can try them.)

Stress and anxiety add up overtime to create a dangerous state of chronic stress. Chronic stress is linked to high blood pressure, weight gain, depression, obesity, strokes, Type 2 Diabetes, cognitive dysfunction, lower immunity and even cancer. We have a tendency as a society to treat health problems once critical, but we should be preventing them before they begin. This is why it’s extremely important to have tools to cope with stress, anxiety , poor sleep and more. Stress management should be an ACTIVE, not a passive, part of your life.

How can ZENTones help?

ZENTones are a stress-reduction tool that can help you cope with stress. You should have other tools in your “stress reduction toolbox”, and we feel confident in saying ZENTones should be one of them. ZENTones are a holistic approach to anxiety, sleep, stress and stress-induced pain using the science of sound sequencing and binaural acoustics. These are stress-reduction and RELAXATION techniques, NOT medical treatments, so please do not confuse the two. The science of  sounds and binaural beats is ongoing and not written in stone nor rooted in a super strong evidence base. That is why you should only use these as a relaxation tool and never as a treatment OR substitute for any medication.

Each ZENTone will be categorized when delivered to you, because they are broken down according to what frequencies they produce. Some are designated for stress and anxiety, others for chronic-pain related stress, some focus and others for sleep. Some for daytime anxiety and some for nighttime anxiety.

ZENTones are instantly delivered to your inbox.

Yes, so you can start listening right away.

Can Adults and Kids use them?

ZENTones are safe for adults and kids, but use common sense. Don’t listen to the “Fall asleep” ones while driving or operating heavy machinery. Adults and kids can listen to the Anxiety-Reducing ZENTones or Fall Asleep ZENTones together. A positive stress-reducing parent-child activity can be listening to the ZENTones while coloring together.

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Hey guys I am wearing a zen band created by the amazing Dr. Eeks in New York! This headband has speakers in it that enable you to listen to zen tones which is sound therapy for anxiety and stress relief. I am IN LOVE with it! There are days that my mind runs a million miles a minute and when I need instant relaxation and clarity I have found this to be a quick and effective solution. Check it out friends at ❤ @zenbandszentones • • • #zenband #zenbands #bloomingwellness #zenbandit #lifecoach #motivation #inspiration #mentalillness #selfesteem #selflove #acceptance #selfrespect #anxiety #socialanxiety #depression #mentalhealth #anxietyquotes #positivevibes #positivequotes #anxiety #socialanxiety #depression #anxietysupport #anxious #anxietydisorder #happiness #relaxation

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Not motivated? That’s okay.

Sometimes stress is exhausting or depressing, so lack of energy or motivation is common. You may not have the energy to engage in a stress-reduction program. That’s okay. The best part about ZENTones is that all you have to do is listen, which is great when you are feeling under motivated. Besides clicking “play,” and listening with headphones ( or one of our ZENBands), they require no work.

How do ZENTones work?

They are rooted in the science of sound sequencing, isochronic tones and the therapeutic use of binaural beats. This science needs a lot more work and these are not approved by the FDA or any sort of medication. (You can find more information on the current science behind them here on our FAQs page, and you can find reviews in our blog and elsewhere on the site.) While “brainwave entrainment” is commonly cited as the mechanism of action for binaural acoustics, more recent research suggests that they may have a more global effect by enhancing the parasympathetic response, or the neural response associated with relaxation, reduced stress and a calm mood. The truth is, we don’t know for sure. If you use these, please only use them as a tool for relaxation and do NOT expect them to be cure-alls or treatment for any medical condition. Each of our guided imagery programs ( evidence-supported relaxation exercises) was written by Dr. Stair and recorded by voice actors.

How do I listen?

ZENTones require headphones to work, and if you click on the “science behind them” link above, you’ll learn why. We recommend using the ZENBand for maximum comfort, but you can use your own headphones if you wish. The ZENBand also allows for you to comfortably cover your eyes and keep out ambient light, which is shown to significantly enhance the relaxation response and lower stress. Light is a big instigator for anxiety, migraines and stress. Keep in mind that if you listen to the ZENTones without headphones or the ZENBand, you will not get the therapeutic effect of the binaural tones.

We also strongly suggest not using Bluetooth or wireless headphones. Based on growing health concerns, the safest way to listen is with wired headphones and your phone on Airplane Mode. Read more here about why you should ditch your wireless headphones and put that cell on Airplane mode when you can.

Got Phone Anxiety?

You can download the ZENTones to any device you choose, but most people can’t relax with their phone because of  how many distractions are on it. Or they constantly feel the urge to check it. If your phone is a source of anxiety for you or even an addiction, as it is for many people, we suggest getting a basic Mp3 player, downloading the ZENTones to that and making it special for your relaxation/meditation time. Eliminating the “Phone Pull” can be incredibly freeing, stress-reducing and relieving for your nervous system.


How long should I listen?

We recommend listening to the entire ZENTone sound program. Each program lasts between 25-45 minutes.  If you are short on time, research suggests that listening to at least 20 minutes is optimal.



Read Dr. Stair’s natural 12 step routine for better sleep using the tones and the ZENBand.

You can read each description of the individual ZENTones by clicking the link below.

Sleep ZENTones 

Anxiety and Stress Relief ZENTones 

Stress with Chronic Pain Relief ZENTones 

Focus, Energy and Attention ZENTones 



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11 reviews for All ZENTones

  1. Joshua Rudman

    Was given these by Dr. Stair for an honest review. I’m a veteran who struggles with PTSD issues, including a lot of anxiety and insomnia. Dr. Stair suggested I use the ZENTones as an additional stress-relief tool. I have to say, I really, really like them. First, the web-based App is super easy to use, and I love having easy access to all of the tones and imagery exercises. When I’m feeling anxious or struggling with sleep, or even if I have to get out of bed when I can’t sleep, I listen to the tones. They’ve been very helpful, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a solution that doesn’t come with a bunch of side effects. ( Take it from someone who was once on ten pills at once!.) I listened to the sleep guided imagery last night, and particularly enjoyed it. I hope she adds more guided imageries to the mix. Great product for anyone who struggles like me.

  2. Katie Dillon

    LOVE this!
    I get stress-induced headaches, especially when I don’t sleep. My kids don’t help. I was taking 12 pills a day and heard about Blooming Wellness through the Spoonie community. I absolutely LOVE The ZENTones. They are easy, simple, and they worked for me. Dr. Stair is also phenomenal about getting back to you and explaining things. They really do have wonderful customer service. These aren’t cure-alls, but they are a DEFINITE help and I hope they add more. 🙂

  3. Diane Lanigan

    I have been using the web app for zentones for 6 months. I use them at night and mainly for sleep. If I wake up in the middle of the night I turn it on to make sure I get back to sleep. Works like clockwork every time. Before I used Zentones I used to be awake for up to 2 hours. Now I’m back asleep in 10 minutes. I love the simplicity of the technology. Highly recommend this web app.

  4. Andrea

    I love my zenbands and binaural beats. The zenbands are really comfortable – so important when meditating! But they also rock my Amazon playlist. I have gifted them to friends, who then ordered their own for other family members. Super fun colors and patterns. You will love these.

  5. Joey B.

    Bought these and a ZENBand for my flight to China. Heard about them from a friend who subscribes to the Blooming Wellness podcast. Absolutely loved both and love all of the choices the ZENTones offer me. Also had no problem downloading the ZENTones to my phone library.

  6. Janelle Leary

    My child has a lot of anxiety before going to camp in the morning. We both started listening to the Anxiety Relief ZENTones, together, and he seems a lot calmer and able to get out the door and go. Very happy for natural approaches, because his teacher wanted me to medicate him. Also really enjoying the ZENBand!

  7. Darby Spencer

    Holy Lifesaver! Thank you, Erin, for recommending this. I listened to the daytime Anti-anxiety ZENTones before a presentation I gave to my supervisors yesterday and was SO calm and answered all of their questions like a pro. I was so worried that I’d be tired after listening to them, but I listened specifically to the anti-anxiety ZENTones made for daytime– so you are still alert. Totally worked and plan on making this my new routine before presentations…and probably dating too. LOL. Can you make one for dating? Just kidding. Thank so much for the recommendation- Darb.

  8. Jana Afargo

    The Pain ZENTones under the Anxiety Relief ZENTones are Amazing!! Omg, they help with my migraines SO much. I get migraines from stress, and if I listen to these once I start to tfeel it come on… omg. Works so well. When they don’t work, my migraine is already in full swing….the trick is catching that “surge” early!

  9. Colleen Delaney

    These. Are. Amazing.
    Thank you, Dr. Erin.
    I LOVE that you know the dangers of Apps and Bluetooth too. Besides exposure causing cancer, I have EMF-radiation sensitivity and NEED to put the ZENTones on a non-radiation producing device. These are helping me with stress and sleep SO much. I appreciate that you personally created than and have a background in science too. ????

  10. Gloria B.

    I saw these on your Instagram page!
    You cannot beat them for the price. I also LOVE your follow-up stress reduction emails. I haven’t been able to sleep since kovid 19, and these are helping me so much. Thank you for the recommendation.

  11. Jenny Biden

    These are amazing!!! I was told about them from my instructor who is teaching classes on how to reduce stress right now, related to the Corona virus. These were fantastic. Can’t recommend enough

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