Evidence for Binaural Beats and ZENTone programs

Below is a list of evidence for using binaural beats as a method to address anxiety, improve sleep, improve memory and reduce chronic pain. For additional references and/or questions, please contact Erin Stair, MD, MPH through our Contact Page.


Research Articles: 

Binaural Acoustics helpful for Fibromyalgia 

Binaural Arrangements Significantly Reduce Pre-Op Anxiety in Women Undergoing Elective Cesarean Sections

The Impact of Binaural Beats on Creativity 

Binaural Acoustics Significantly Reduce Anxiety in Patients Undergoing Broncoscopy

Binaural Acoustics for Reducing Need for Sedative Medication in Pediatric Surgery Population 

Binaural Acoustics Post-Exercise Increases Relaxation Response

Binaural Acoustics Reduce Anxiety Associated with Same-Day Surgeries 

Binaural Theta Frequencies  Helpful for Chronic Pain 

Binaural Acoustics in Beta Range Improve Long-Term Memory, but Arrangements of Theta Waves Reduce Long-Term Memory

Binaural Acoustics Improve Vigilance and Mood

Binaural Acoustics ( Delta Frequency) Improve Sleep in Young Elite Soccer Players

Binaural Acoustics (Beta Frequency) Improve Working Memory

Binaural Acoustics Significantly Reduce Anxiety in Patients Undergoing Eye Surgery 


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