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(The writings & opinions on this website are my own and not reflective of anyone I work for.) 

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Dr. Eeks is an MD/MPH who works as a public health consultant and gov contractor, with a focus on epidemiology, health communications and pandemic control. She is a free spirit, digs meta-physics, is a self-proclaimed humorist, a pensive and curious human, a huge lover of animals and believes in the mind-body-spirit approach to healing.

She’s the author of two books, having both written and illustrated her new one: Yours in Wellness, Krystal Heeling. It’s a parody on the sleazy elements of the wellness industry, as much as it’s a parody on Big Pharma… and she hopes you check it out. It’s also available as an audiobook and narrated by Ellen Cohn, who has a much better voice than she does. Her first book is titled Manic Kingdom: A True Story of Breakdown and Breakthrough. (Don’t read it if you’re looking for answers for your troubles. You won’t find them. That’s, ahem, sort of the point of the book. 😉 )

Unless otherwise told or if in the “other” blog section, she writes all the Blooming Wellness blogs and conducts all the interviews. Some of the blogs mixed in are “advertisement” blogs. She does not write those and usually they’re awful. (Too honest?)

In 2019, she launched a health podcast, Causes Or Cures, and invites you to check it out and listen. It’s very organic, low-budget, not sponsored by anyone, and conducted from her often noisy apartment. There are no bells nor whistles, but people seem to like it for the content and the guests. The goal of the podcast is to feature experts and stakeholders on timely, sometimes controversial, health topics, who can explain things in easy-to-understand ways. Sometimes she features people who are just interesting or have interesting stories. She’s been lucky to feature super-smart, amazing guests all over the world. Please check it out and subscribe!

Dr. Eeks is passionate about promoting common-sense health & wellness and has an inner fire for empowering individuals of all walks of life to take charge of their health, make positive lifestyle changes and live happier lives. She feels anyone, on any budget, can live a healthier life, which is why she gets frustrated when wellness is often portrayed or presented as a luxury brand with lots of products, supplements, detoxes, cleanses, retreats, etc. She wants wellness to be more inclusive, because, in general, folks with lower incomes are shown to have more health issues than folks with higher incomes. Making the idea of wellness more accessible and more affordable is one of her goals with this website.

There are different types of healers in the world: Ones who focus on the body. Ones who focus on the minds. Ones who focus on the spirit. Some people focus on the body and mind connection. Dr. Eeks likes to focus on the mind, body and spirit connection.

Dr. Eeks has a fondness for making quirky wellness videos for her Instagram feed and blogging about her health adventures, while having a natural love for irreverent, blue-collar comedy. She’s very interested in how health information is relayed to people and how it is interpreted. She thinks effective, honest, creative communication is Public Health 101, because getting through is 90% of the battle, right?

Dr. Eeks also believes that laughing and comedy are key parts of stress management and healing, so she’ll often post funny stories and tidbits about her life, or anyone’s life she feels like writing about. Perhaps she’ll write about you. 😉

Feel free to follow her on Twitter too. She tries to stay away from politics, but, you know, sometimes it’s hard.

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