Natural Health Tips for Mind and Body

Black Currant Juice for fighting Parkinson’s and Depression


I just started drinking Black  Currant juice made from “Blackadders,” types of black currants from New Zealand.  Usually after I eat lunch, I crave something sweet.  I always try to eat fruit, and now since I am trying to introduce Black Currant juice as a permanent part of my diet, I’m alternating between the juice […]

Does Radiation Really Harm Your Baby? Guest post from Radiation Wizard, Dr. Andy Karam


Quick Bio on Andy:  Andy is a radiation safety professional, a scientist and professor, a consultant, and an instructor. He’s also a writer, with over 200 encyclopedia articles and several books in print, and an 8-book series (Controversies in Science, Facts on File) in the works – not to mention his scientific and technical writing (6 […]

Count Your Blessings for Better Health. No, Seriously, Do It.


The blooming field of psychoneuroimmunology continues to shed light on how powerful the mind-body connection is and both the physical and mental benefits of being positive.  Researchers at the University of California, Riverside and Duke Medical Center are experimenting with treating depression with positive activity interventions ( PAIs).  Positive Activity interventions are intentional acts to increase […]

Rose Essential Oil: The Healing Benefits of the World’s Most Romantic Flower


The Rose ( Rosa Damascena) is used as a healing essential oil throughout the world. Recognized years ago for its timeless beauty and magical scent, the Greek poet, Soppho, called it the “Queen of Flowers.”  The 17th century physician, Culpeper, wrote that “Roses strengthen the heart,” and even recommended it for tired dry eyes and pimples. […]

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