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COVID Calculator: Predict Your Chance of Hospitalization or Death

COVID Calculator

  COVID Calculator: Predict your chance of hospitalization or death. Researchers in Israel developed a COVID calculator to predict anyone’s chance of getting hospitalized with COVID-19 or dying from it once infected. Dr. Ariel Israel MD PhD  et al created the calculator, the basis for which is published as a preprint study here. In my […]

Ashley Tyrner, an Interview with the CEO of FarmboxRX

Ashley Tyrner

Ashley Tyrner was once a struggling single mom who learned firsthand what it was like to not have access to healthy and affordable foods. This is a common issue affecting thousands and thousands of individuals and families across America. When we think about our country’s health crisis, a laundry list of chronic diseases and rising […]

COVID in Deer: An Interview with Dr. Kuchipudi

COVID and Deer

COVID in Deer? WHAT?!? Just another thing to worry about?  Kind of. Researchers have recently discovered that COVID-19 can “jump” from the human species to white-tailed deer. Dr. Suresh Kuchipudi was one of the researchers studying this phenomenon and joined me on my Causes or Cures podcast to explain what this means for the pandemic. […]

Dr. Nikolai Petrovsky & His New COVID Vaccine

Copy of Copy of Copy of Contaminants in Commercial Supplements, with a Focus on Microalgal Supplements With Dr. Piotr Rzymski (11)

  On Episode 77 of my Causes or Cures podcast, Dr. Nikolai Petrovsky joined me to discuss his new vaccine for COVID-19. Most people are focused on the mRNA vaccines ( Pfizer-BioNTech & Moderna) or the viral-vector vaccines, like J&J, but many researchers and companies are working on protein subunit vaccines for COVID-19. Unlike the […]

Misinformation vs Dissent

Misinformation vs Dissent

Misinformation vs Dissent is a topic I’ve been interested in throughout this pandemic. Of course this topic extends to topics beyond COVID-19, but for my line of work, its relation to the pandemic and what/how information is relayed to the public is of most interest to me. If you are new to my opinions on […]

COVID-19 Vaccine Equity

Vaccine Inequity

On COVID-19 Vaccine Equity:  If you’ve listened to my podcast, especially the most recent episodes, or read a few of my latest Tweets, you’ll know that I’ve been writing a lot about COVID-19 and vaccine equity. Right now, much of the underdeveloped world does not have access to the vaccines. This includes their highest-risk people. […]

Singapore and COVID: Highly Vaccinated Singapore Seeing a Surge in Cases: Why?

Singapore and COVID

An update on Singapore and COVID: In 2020, Singapore was the model country when it came to the COVID-19 pandemic. They had exceptionally low case numbers and an almost non-existant death rate. Many people in the US, a country with high case and death numbers, would ask, “Why couldn’t we do it like Singapore did […]

Why Young Women Gain Weight

Why Young Women Gain Weight

  Why Young Women Gain Weight: It’s actually a really interesting answer. It’s no secret that gaining weight is a problem around the globe. The pandemic, in particular, has highlighted our glaring obesity rate and how obesity makes COVID-19 worse. Of course, obesity makes many illnesses worse and leads to myriad chronic illnesses. Though public […]

What Causes Obesity & the Fat Acceptance Movement

What Causes Obesity

What causes obesity? Obviously we haven’t figured it out, because the epidemic of obesity is only getting worse. Even more tragic is that rates of obesity are increasing faster in younger generations than older ones, meaning it will not only rob them of their youth, but increase their risk of early-onset chronic conditions associated with […]

Who becomes a COVID Long Hauler ?

Who Becomes a COVID Long Hauler?

  Who becomes a Covid Long Hauler? We hear a lot about COVID Long Haulers and the symptoms they experience, but are there any predicting factors for becoming one? It’s interesting, because while we are hyper-focused on Long Haulers as they relate to COVID-19, long-haul symptoms after a virus illness aren’t uncommon. Prior to COVID, […]

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