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COVID-19 Vaccine Equity

Vaccine Inequity

On COVID-19 Vaccine Equity:  If you’ve listened to my podcast, especially the most recent episodes, or read a few of my latest Tweets, you’ll know that I’ve been writing a lot about COVID-19 and vaccine equity. Right now, much of the underdeveloped world does not have access to the vaccines. This includes their highest-risk people. […]

Singapore and COVID: Highly Vaccinated Singapore Seeing a Surge in Cases: Why?

Singapore and COVID

An update on Singapore and COVID: In 2020, Singapore was the model country when it came to the COVID-19 pandemic. They had exceptionally low case numbers and an almost non-existant death rate. Many people in the US, a country with high case and death numbers, would ask, “Why couldn’t we do it like Singapore did […]

Why Young Women Gain Weight

Why Young Women Gain Weight

  Why Young Women Gain Weight: It’s actually a really interesting answer. It’s no secret that gaining weight is a problem around the globe. The pandemic, in particular, has highlighted our glaring obesity rate and how obesity makes COVID-19 worse. Of course, obesity makes many illnesses worse and leads to myriad chronic illnesses. Though public […]

Ivermectin Debate: My 1st TrialSite News Podcast !

Ivermectin Debate with Dr. Erin Stair

  Hi guys, Hope everyone is having a fulfilling summer so far. I’ve been busy with work, home improvement projects, recruiting folks to come on my Causes or Cures Podcast and pulling out my hair to finish the last chapter in a new medical fiction book I’m writing. It’s a detective-romance story ( albeit a […]

What Causes Obesity & the Fat Acceptance Movement

What Causes Obesity

What causes obesity? Obviously we haven’t figured it out, because the epidemic of obesity is only getting worse. Even more tragic is that rates of obesity are increasing faster in younger generations than older ones, meaning it will not only rob them of their youth, but increase their risk of early-onset chronic conditions associated with […]

Who becomes a COVID Long Hauler ?

Who Becomes a COVID Long Hauler?

  Who becomes a Covid Long Hauler? We hear a lot about COVID Long Haulers and the symptoms they experience, but are there any predicting factors for becoming one? It’s interesting, because while we are hyper-focused on Long Haulers as they relate to COVID-19, long-haul symptoms after a virus illness aren’t uncommon. Prior to COVID, […]

What’s going on with Ivermectin?

What's going on with Ivermectin?

What’s going on with Ivermectin? Everyone is asking what’s going on with Ivermectin. It’s been in and out of the news since the summer, and it remains a controversial topic. Ivermectin is an anti-parasite drug that has been used in human and animal medicine for many years. Early in the pandemic, it was suggested that […]

Antibody Dependent Enhancement: What in the World is That?

Antibody Dependent Enhancement

Antibody Dependent Enhancement, or ADE for short! Erin Stair, MD, MPH There are several viral videos with millions of views referencing something called Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) as a potential effect of COVID-19 vaccines or vaccines in general. Some make very bold claims and it’s difficult to sort fact from fiction from hyperbole in these […]

Broken Heart Syndrome: What Happens?

Broken Heart Syndrome

What the heck is Broken Heart Syndrome?!?  – Erin Stair, MD, MPH When I first heard about Broken Heart Syndrome, I was beyond intrigued. An actual medical diagnosis? If true…it was a concrete example of something that is often depicted in art: The heart as the center of emotion. Countless songs, poems, movies and books […]

NFL Football Players and Cognitive Decline: Modifiable Risks

NFL Football Players and Cognitive Decline

NFL Football Players and Cognitive Decline, on Causes or Cures. Hi guys! It’s 2 weeks after the Super Bowl, and Tom Brady showed us, again, why he’s the greatest. I mean, geez! He’s killing it at 43, which is so inspiring. There are so many people who make age their dictator, that it’s refreshing to […]

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