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Monitoring Blood Pressure, for a Silent Epidemic?

blood pressure monitoring

Is high blood pressure a silent epidemic? Should we be monitoring blood pressure in a different way? I know what you’re thinking…just what we need! Another epidemic! We already have COVID, obesity and opioids. Well, some people think high blood pressure is also an epidemic, albeit one happening silently. And they think we should be […]

Medical Assistance in Dying, MAID: Challenges & Concerns

Medical Assistance in Dying

Recently, Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying, MAID, was in the news, because of its anticipated expansion in eligibility to include those with mental illness as a primary diagnosis. Essentially, that means that anyone over 18 with a primary diagnosis of mental illness can request medical assistance in dying if they so choose. As you read […]

Who is to Blame for the High Cost of Insulin?

high cost of insulin

Who is to blame for the high cost of insulin?  A new Causes or Cures Podcast! Before recording this podcast, I would almost instinctively blame “Big Pharma” for the high cost of insulin in the United States. I suppose Big Pharma is an umbrella term for all the players involved in a for-profit, private healthcare […]

H2F: The Army’s Holistic Health and Fitness System


H2F: The Army’s Holistic Health and Fitness System: Hey everyone! In a recent episode of Causes or Cures, I chatted with Col Michael McGurk (Ret), Director of Research for the US Army’s Center for Initial Military Training, about the Army’s Holistic Health and Fitness System, or H2F. Col McGurk was instrumental in the development of […]

Vaccine Nation: Causes or Cures Podcast with Dr. Elena Conis

Vaccine Nation

Vaccine Nation: a Causes or Cures Podcast with author Dr. Elena Conis. Hi guys!  Hope everyone is doing well. I posted my most recent Causes or Cures Podcast which is with medical historian and the author of Vaccine Nation, America’s Changing Relationship with Immunization, Dr. Elena Conis. I had the opportunity to read the book […]

PADs for Parkinson’s: How Dogs Detect the Disease

PADs for Parkinson's

PADs for Parkinson’s is a unique, great program where dogs are being trained to detect Parkinson’s disease! I have always been interested in how dogs are trained to detect illnesses, whether it’s sniffing out specific cancers or COVID-19. Their sense of smell is insane, and I’d often joke that if Barnaby, my dog, sniffs me […]

Human Health in Space: Can We Really Live on Mars?

Human Health in Space

Human health in space…despite all the excitement, can we really survive and thrive on a different planet? We often think about the technology needed to get us to the Moon, Mars and beyond, but what about our health? Both the moon and Mars are totally different environments than Earth, so what are the anticipated health […]

Risk factors and Cancer

Risk factors and cancer

People often discuss risk factors and cancer…what can we do to lower our risk? What raises our risk? Is one risk more dangerous than another? On a recent Causes or Cures Podcast, I chatted with Dr. Christopher Murray about his recent article  published in The Lancet (2022) titled The Global Burden of Cancer Attributable to Risk […]

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