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Sit Up Straight for Your Health! Computer Junkies, This is for You! Guest Blog Post by Blake Bowman


Sit Up Straight! Does this line sound familiar to anyone?  When I was around company as a child my mother would consistently and lovingly remind me to sit up straight and stop slouching. At the time, I thought her concern over my posture was simply in regard to its aesthetics.  I thought that she didn’t want […]

All the Reasons You are Fat & The Answer to “I’m doing Everything Right, so Why Am I Not Losing Weight?”


In June of this year, and after much debate, the American Medical Association labeled obesity a “disease.”   As soon as I read about the AMA’s decision, I posted the news to the Blooming Wellness Facebook page  and asked people what they thought.  Some agreed with the AMA’s new label, however others were quite upset and […]

Lose Weight through Your Phone- “There’s an app for that”


At the 20th European Congress on Obesity, Dr. Robinson from the University of Liverpool presented his newly invented smartphone app that will help people remember what they are eating and therefore help people lose weight. His invention is rooted in the philosophy that “mindful eating,” or paying constant attention to what you are eating, helps […]

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