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Vitamin D and COVID: New Study

Vitamin D and COVID

What’s the scoop on Vitamin D and COVID? There are now several studies to suggest that it has a protective effect against severe COVID. This isn’t entirely surprising as Vitamin D has been shown to play a role in our immune system’s ability to respond and has shown to have a protective effect related to […]

Hamsters Cause a COVID Outbreak?

Hamsters Cause COVID Outbreak

  Did hamsters cause a COVID outbreak? That is what a new pre-print case study implies. It’s a pre-print, and while everyone has run with preprints during this pandemic, it’s good practice to keep in mind that they have yet to be peer-reviewed. But we can still talk about the study, because it’s about hamsters. […]

Immune Amnesia: What is that?

Immune Amnesia

Immune amnesia: What’s that? On Episode 88 of my health and wellness podcast, Causes or Cures, I chatted with Dr. Guillermo Barrios Morales about his new research that modeled the effects of Measles-induced Immune Amnesia, while another infectious disease outbreak is happening simultaneously. For example, COVID-19. In the podcast he dives into deeper detail on […]

COVID vaccines, transmission, death & public health policy

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COVID vaccines, transmission, death & public health policy: The CDC recently published a study as part of its MMWR to assess how well the COVID-19 vaccines and boosters impacted case numbers, deaths, and incident rate ratios (IRR) during the pre-Delta time period, Delta emergence (June ’21), Delta dominance (July-Nov’21) and during the emergence of Omicron […]

Childhood Vaccines in a Religious Orthodox Community

Addressing Childhood Vaccines in a Religious Orthodox Community

  Addressing Childhood Vaccines in a Religious Orthodox Community In conversation I’ve noticed that several people who are skeptical about the COVID-19 vaccines are starting to be skeptical of all vaccines. I have no idea if this is an actual trend, as I’m only going off of my personal experience. I think it is a […]

Intermittent Fasting for Obesity and What Else?

Intermittent Fasting for Obesity

Intermittent Fasting for Obesity and more: What’s the Evidence for or against?¬† Episode 86 of my Causes or Cures Podcast! Should we try intermittent fasting for obesity? Will it work in the short-term and the long-term? What are some of its other evidence-based health benefits? Those are some questions I have about intermittent fasting or […]

It’s Not a Misinformation Problem. It’s a Trust Problem.


By Dr. Eeks This is my hypothesis, not anyone’s I work for. It’s also my dog’s hypothesis, and so you know, he’s quite bright. A recent poll conducted among healthcare workers showed that 72% of them state misinformation negatively impacts patients’ decisions about the vaccine, and 71% of them said it negatively impacts their decisions […]

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