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Happy Veterans’ Day!


Thank you to all who served! 🙂 Also, if you see a homeless veteran today, buy him or her lunch. There are a ridiculous amount of homeless vets, and I think that’s terrible.  Since this blog is about health/wellness, it’s really hard to even dream of good health when you can’t even get your basic […]

I should have named my dog Prozac


The following conversation happened last week: A friend, “Hey Erin, where are you going?” Me: “To pick up my antidepressant.” Friend:  “Pharmacy?” Me: “Nope! Doggy Daycare.”    🙂 Seriously, anyone prone to depression or general moodiness NEEDS to get a dog.  Science proves that pets help people with depression ( Pet therapy). They are 4-legged […]

My wellness wisdom for the modern-day relationship: Always smile and No expectations


Relationships are hard today. Not just romantic relationships, but friendships, work relationships, family relationships…, not to mention the numerous sorts of cyber relationships that manifest. I could sit here and try to figure out why. I could, but I won’t waste the energy.  I will simply acknowledge that the “bad relationship” phenomenon is most likely […]

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