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Listeria in Dole Lettuce: Don’t Eat It.

Listeria in Dole Lettuce

  Listeria in Dole Lettuce? Salad will never look the same… at least salad made from Dole Lettuce. The CDC recently posted an update on an ongoing epidemiological (outbreak) investigation into cases of Listeria monocytogenes reported in 13 states. Outbreak investigations work in reverse to try to figure out the common culprit amongst sick people. […]

Measles in Afghanistan: Kills 74 Kids

Measles in Afghanistan

  Measles in Afghanistan: Kills 74 kids. You might have noticed that I’ve been writing more about Measles and featuring guests on my podcasts to talk about topics related to Measles. It’s because I could see Measles making a comeback in a variety of ways, partially due to fear over COVID vaccines. Most recently, Blima […]

A Highly Transmissible HIV Variant in the Netherlands

Highly Transmissible HIV Variant

A highly transmissible HIV variant was recently discovered in the Netherlands. Scientists expect it arose in the late 1990s and has been infecting people for years. We are bombarded with news about different variants of COVID-19 and whether new variants will be more deadly or more infectious. This recent discovery gives us more insight into […]

COVID vaccines, transmission, death & public health policy

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COVID vaccines, transmission, death & public health policy: The CDC recently published a study as part of its MMWR to assess how well the COVID-19 vaccines and boosters impacted case numbers, deaths, and incident rate ratios (IRR) during the pre-Delta time period, Delta emergence (June ’21), Delta dominance (July-Nov’21) and during the emergence of Omicron […]

A Model for COVID Vaccines- What did it Show?

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Another model for COVID vaccines- what did this one show? A recent study published in JAMA assessed how effective the COVID-19 vaccines were in the US during the vaccine rollout across a portion of the pandemic (October1’2020- June 30’2021) Researchers at Yale University’s Center for Infectious Disease Modeling built a predictive model that included transmission […]

Rabies Deaths in 2021, Highest in Decade

Rabies Deaths in 2021

  The rabies deaths in 2021 are the highest they have been in a decade. 5 people died of rabies in the US in the Fall of 2021. While that may not sound like a lot, it IS significant considering that it’s the highest number in a decade. One wonders why all of a sudden […]

Overdose Deaths-Alarming New Data Released

Overdose Deaths

OverDose Deaths: Just another expanding tragedy taking young Americans to their graves. Drug overdose deaths are on the rise, as highlighted in a December’21 report released by the National Center for Health Statistics. I follow the opioid epidemic closely as one of the public health initiatives I work on has to do with opioid abuse […]

COVID’s Effect on Sperm

COVID's Effect on Sperm

  COVID’s effect on sperm:  By: Dr. Eeks A recent study in Belgium looked at the sperm of 121 men, average age of 34, who had recovered from a validated COVID infection. The goal of the study was to determine COVID’s effect on sperm, if any, since the receptors COVID binds to (ACE-2 receptors) are […]

Prenatal Exposure to COVID and Neurodevelopment Issues

Prenatal Exposure to COVID

By: Eeks Prental exposure to COVID and Neurodevelopment Issues: A preprint study (not yet peer-reviewed) shows that prenatal exposure to COVID-19  may lead to neurodevelopment issues in the baby. Obviously wait till this is peer-reviewed before you run with it, but it’s still interesting research to consider. What happens when there is prenatal exposure to […]

Top Health Tips: For a Pandemic and Beyond

top health tips

  What we can do to improve our health during a pandemic and beyond: My top health tips This is not medical or public health advice. This is information only, though things that I myself do.  By Dr. Eeks  A lot of the news is about things we can’t do during the pandemic. There are […]

Measles Outbreak in Cameroon & Elsewhere

Measles Outbreak in Cameroon

There is a measles outbreak in Cameroon, mostly in kids of fighters fleeing Boko Haram terrorist, causing the country to ramp up vaccination.  Approximately 100 vaccination teams have been deployed to try to vaccinate 67,000 at-risk kids. The government said that several dozen measles infections have been reported in the past 2 weeks, but most […]

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