Rest in Peace- A Tribute to My Nana, Peggy Clinton, Who Decided To Trade this World in for One Better


Throwback Thursday. Figured I’d honor my Nana, Peggy Clinton, today, who left this world last night to reunite with her love, Donny, my Papa. This picture was taken at my high school spring concert. If this photo says anything, she couldn’t keep her eyes off my Papa, so I can’t begin to imagine how much she missed […]

Count Your Blessings for Better Health. No, Seriously, Do It.


The blooming field of psychoneuroimmunology continues to shed light on how powerful the mind-body connection is and both the physical and mental benefits of being positive.  Researchers at the University of California, Riverside and Duke Medical Center are experimenting with treating depression with positive activity interventions ( PAIs).  Positive Activity interventions are intentional acts to increase […]

A New Study Shows Depression Linked To Asthma


The Mind-Body Connection: Depression linked to Adult-Onset Asthma.  In a  study involving 31,848 African American women followed from 1999 to 2011, women who were depressed were 2.08 times as likely to develop asthma.  The risk of clinically depressed women developing asthma was higher in women being treated with antidepressants, women who smoked, women who were not […]

Rose Essential Oil: The Healing Benefits of the World’s Most Romantic Flower


The Rose ( Rosa Damascena) is used as a healing essential oil throughout the world. Recognized years ago for its timeless beauty and magical scent, the Greek poet, Soppho, called it the “Queen of Flowers.”  The 17th century physician, Culpeper, wrote that “Roses strengthen the heart,” and even recommended it for tired dry eyes and pimples. […]

Guest Post by Susan Hayes: Mother of Jillian Hayes, her Beautiful Daughter who Died from Melanoma in 2012.


I’m honored to post a guest blog written by Susan Hayes, the incredible mom of Jillian Hayes. Jillian was a beautiful girl and avid soccer player who was diagnosed  with Stage IV Melanoma in 2010, when she was just a teenager.  When I first started talking to Susan, I said to her, “Your daughter looks […]

A Dr. Eeks’ Undercover Experiment: My Visit to a Public Health Nightmare: The Tanning Salon


On occasion I like to go undercover and tackle controversial health and wellness issues.  In this blog, I pretend I’m going to purchase a tanning package for my 15 year old very-pale niece. Here’s what happened:   Wearing jogging pants, a sweat shirt and bundled up in a warm winter coat, I nonchalantly walked into […]

Wellness Expert Interview with Harvard Cardiologist & Founder of, Dr. Michael Gibson


I’m thrilled to have done an interview with Dr. Michael Gibson for the Blooming Wellness Expert Short-Interview series. Dr. Gibson is an interventional cardiologist, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, leader of his own academic research team, PERFUSE, and is considered the cardiologist who pioneered our understanding of the “Open Artery Hypothesis.”  He […]

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