8 Things That Can Support Healthy Weight Loss

By: Jay Owen

Not scientifically reviewed by Dr. Eeks


Weight loss is a commitment that, when successful, yields hugely beneficial health results. For those at the start of their weight loss commitment, the desire to see fast results is a big temptation that leads to risky behaviors. A slower, sustainable journey is the healthy approach better suited to ensuring a successful outcome. And many things are available that support and encourage you on a healthy weight loss journey, including the following suggestions.


Getting your heart rate up daily is terrific for weight loss as it prompts the body to burn more calories than sedentary. And there’s no need to start with high-impact, high-intensity exercise, especially if you’re particularly unfit. Put your favorite tunes on and move your body for a few minutes, increasing the duration every few days. Alternatively, yoga and tai chi are excellent gentle forms of exercise that reduce stress while improving flexibility and concentration.

Dietary Changes

Expending more calories each day than are consumed is necessary for intentional weight loss, meaning adjusting the way you eat. And while it’s tempting to attempt an ultra-restrictive fad diet to achieve this, the reality is such diets aren’t sustainable or healthy. Instead, make small changes like reduced portions and increasing portions of healthy ingredients like fruit and vegetables. Glucomannan is useful for feeling satiated without consuming as many calories making the transition to smaller portions easier.


Another consideration when looking at which changes to make to your diet is your gut microbiome health. A diet laden with sugar and saturated fats will cause an imbalance in the gut flora, increasing cravings for such food. You can change your diet so it benefits a healthy microbiome. Also, read the Floraspring probiotic review to understand why they’re an excellent choice for redressing the imbalance in your gut. Packed with beneficial strains that can perhaps reduce cravings and improve digestive functions, add probiotics to your daily diet to aid your lifestyle change.

Shifting Focus

There are many reasons why people view food as the ultimate treat, and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying food. The problem comes when treat food becomes an everyday coping mechanism. Instead, find other ways to get that endorphin rush, such as getting a relaxing massage. Shifting your focus away from only using food in this manner makes reducing your calorie intake more effective.


Staying hydrated is essential for overall health and will boost weight loss efforts. Thirst often feels like hunger, meaning if you’re mildly dehydrated, you may needlessly reach for snack food rather than a glass of water. Caffeine is a diuretic, thus speeding up dehydration, while sugary and alcoholic drinks contain many calories and leave you craving more. It’s okay to have some variety in your daily liquid consumption, but most drinks should be water for the best results.

Stress Reduction

Sustained stress levels play havoc with our health, making it hard to maintain healthy choices such as diet and exercise. Finding ways to reduce your stress levels will significantly benefit your ability to maintain a healthy weight. When it’s impossible to cut out stress factors, it’s important to introduce measures limiting their impact. Small steps such as introducing plants into your home and work environments, practicing meditation for five minutes each day, and taking a 10-minute walk are all ideal ways to decompress.

Set Goals

It can feel like a daunting prospect if you have a significant amount of weight to lose. Try setting mini goals of 5 pounds and put your focus on that rather than the overall target. Breaking that number down into smaller targets makes it a manageable prospect and builds in natural reward points. Finding other goals helps by removing the focus solely from the scales. As your clothing size drops, celebrate by buying a new outfit at your new size, or if you’ve taken up a new activity, celebrate improvements.

Say ‘Cheese’

The ability to look back and see how you’ve changed and progressed is excellent for overcoming despair on a difficult day. With gradual weight loss, it’s often hard to see the difference in your body size and shape; taking photos allows you to document your progress visually. A visual of your changing body shape is also a valuable tool for planning further exercise regimes.

Steady and sustained weight loss is the safest approach to take when it comes to committing to losing weight. Finding ways to help overcome the difficulties that occur along the way will encourage you to stick with it and reap the beneficial rewards of improved health.



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