Reasons for Choosing Escape Room in Calgary

By: Josh Lewis

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Escape room is a physical and mental game, played in a locked room, where participants are locked inside and have to find clues, objects, keycards and hints in order to escape. It may sound easy but it is not. The room is filled with cryptic clues, puzzles, riddles and surprises. You will have to think outside the box. The players get only 60 minutes to solve the mystery and escape. It is a challenging yet fun game in which teamwork plays a vital role.

Reasons for choosing escape room in Calgary

Below are the reasons which will make you choose Calgary Escape Room.

  1. It is affordable

Escape rooms in Calgary are cheaper than any other escape room franchise in the world. It is a fact that all escape rooms in Calgary are cheaper than other escape room franchises in the world. You will have to pay less for more entertainment.

  1. Professionalism

All of our escape rooms in Calgary are professionally designed and safe for day and night use by participants from all age groups, from children to adults. We have Group Leaders that are professional and experienced in escaping rooms across various countries.

  1. Fun guaranteed

All of our escape rooms in Calgary are fun, exciting and challenging. You can bring your friends, family or colleagues and have a blast while trying to escape. There is nothing like escaping room games in Calgary where you will have to solve cryptic clues and puzzles every 5 minutes, literally. It is also a great activity for your team building activities and parties. Escape rooms are the new way of group entertainment. You will never be disappointed.

  1. Very popular

Escape games in Calgary is very popular among the citizens of Calgary. It is a healthy outlet for the society and even more so when it involves people from different ages and backgrounds.

Escape rooms have become the craze of the times. It is a fun way to relive your childhood feelings and in some cases escape from reality for some time. It is a great way to spend your time by yourself, with family or friends or colleagues. Escape rooms are not just for those who love solving puzzles but also for those who want to learn new skills, improve their problem solving skills, outsmart their team mates and have a lot of fun in the process


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