What Every New Mom Should be Doing

By:  Chloe Brookes

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Transitioning into being a new mom and parent is a big deal and a significant milestone in your life. You must stay healthy and well not only to benefit yourself but so you can take proper care of your newborn.

You may be feeling a bit lost or uneasy about what’s expected of you and aren’t feeling quite confident in your position. However, remind yourself that all you can do is try your best and learn from your mistakes along the way. In the meantime, review what every new mom should be doing to stay healthy and well and have a positive experience.  

Keeping Tabs on Baby’s Health

As a new mom, it’s important that you keep up with taking your baby to their doctor’s appointments. You’ll want to work with your doctor to monitor your baby’s growth and development and take notice of any issues or complications. In the case that you find something is wrong after birth, you can always turn to resources such as the Birth Injury Justice Center. They have all the information and tools you need to take action and figure out how to move forward.

Practicing Self-Care

You’re going to have a lot on your plate as a new mother, and this is all the more reason to take better care of yourself. Get in the habit of practicing self-care daily and set aside plenty of time for yourself to address your needs. For example, you must get plenty of rest and sleep so that you have the energy to be a good mom and care for your newborn. Also, get outside and breathe in some fresh air so you can feel your best.

Asking for Help

Every new mom should be asking for help and not trying to be a supermom. There’s too much to do on your own and everyone in your position needs some sort of support or a lending hand. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for help when you need it or are feeling overwhelmed. This way you can reduce your stress, get more done, and be at your best to care for your newborn. Give yourself some grace and get done what’s most necessary each day and then take time to rest.

Enjoying Your New Role

Go easy on yourself in the beginning and be sure to enjoy your new role, even when it’s hard. Your child will only be young once and you want to capture and remember every coo, smile, and milestone. Try to be more present and live in the moment so that you can take pleasure in all the little miracles and blessings that will be unfolding in front of you daily. While some days will be harder than others if you have patience and stay positive you’ll find your new mom role to be a lot more rewarding.


Your health and happiness are important elements as a new mom. These are some of the things that every new mom should be doing to stay well and keep a smile on their face. When you’re physically and mentally in good health then you’ll find you can be the best caretaker possible for your baby.

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