Surrogacy in the UK and Ukraine. What are the differences?

By: Maria Lupe

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Surrogacy as a kind of Assisted Reproductive Technology is a relatively popular way of becoming parents, especially in case of severe infertility or some fertility issues.

The most popular countries for Surrogacy tend to be Ukraine, USA, Canada or the United Kingdom.

It is really important to be aware of essential parts of the Surrogacy processes or their legality in the chosen country, therefore with this article we reveal the important aspects about Surrogacy and compare Surrogacy in the UK and Ukraine.


Surrogacy is fully legitimized in Ukraine for heterosexual officially married couples. Surrogacy agreement is stated in the legal framework, so the safety of each side is ensured.

Usage of the genetic material donors is also permitted, but one of the couple must have a direct genetic connection to the child born with the help of Surrogate.

ADONIS International, for example, provides the services of its own Legal Department to ensure your document management according to law.

Surrogacy is legitimized in the UK for different-sex, same-sex families and even for single persons. Surrogacy agreement is not enforced by the law, which, first and foremost, curtails the rights of Intended parents.

Donation for conceiving is permitted, except for double gamete donation.

Parental rights at birth

In Ukraine, there is a strict legal framework about the parental rights during Surrogacy. The baby is considered to be the baby of the Intended parents from the moment of conceiving and, of course, the Intended parents are initially listed in the birth certificate.

ADONIS clinics ensure professional follow-up throughout all stages of before and after birth procedures.

In the UK, the legal parent of the baby at birth is considered a Surrogate mother. If a Surrogate is in official relationships, then an official partner is becoming a second parent.

The Intended parents can take over the parental rights on the baby after adoption of parental order made by the Surrogate. Any disagreement is resolved by court proceedings.

Commercial Surrogacy

In Ukraine, commercial Surrogacy is completely legal since 2002. Well-developed and stable regulation of the Surrogacy processes ensure safety of both Intended parents and Surrogate. Surrogate compensation and monetary maintenance are clearly spelled out according to the needs and capacities of the sides.

ADONIS International provides immediate response on the Surrogacy requests, to save your money and time.

In the UK, commercial Surrogacy is prohibited for the profit of the third party. But the Surrogate can receive monetary expenses from the Intended parents, the amount of which is determined individually, but not indicated in legal documents (since the Surrogacy agreement is illegal).

Cost formation 

Cost for Surrogacy in Ukraine is around $40 000 for basic Program. In case of unusual health situations or additional medical requests, the price can vary.

In ADONIS International, for example, you will find offers for different cases (with or without Donation, etc.). Surrogacy cost varies from $35 858 to $55 000 with all needed procedures included (which ensure no additional expenses).

Surrogacy in the UK and its cost is around $65 000, but it depends also on the monetary reward for Surrogate and its amount.

Each country has its own legal framework according to Surrogacy. Tiny nuances and specifications have a great value. Be prepared with qualitative informational support. Be legally savvy.

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