Where to Watch Cryptocurrency Live Quotes?

Guest Post by Lori J. 

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The cryptocurrency market opens incredibly many earning opportunities. For example, crypto trading allows generating income over long and short periods, applying different trading methods. The most often used strategies are the following:

  1. Intraday trading: generating income from crypto rates fluctuations that occur within one day. That means a trader enters and leaves the market within 24 hours.
  2. Buy and hold strategy: purchasing digital assets and holding them for several weeks or months with the possibility of making a fortune amid the following market trend changes.
  3. Scalping: trades can be opened and closed within 15 minutes. Allows generating income from tiny crypto prices live fluctuations. Small portions of revenue from every tiny price fluctuation.

Cryptocurrency rates do not depend on governments or central banks – they just follow the market trends and change under the effect of external events in the world.

Here are some factors impacting crypto rates:

  • Investors sentiment. Here a fear and greed index are included.
  • The general situation in the world, inflation, readiness and willingness of people to invest in crypto.
  • The balance between supply and demand in the crypto market.
  • Competitors and news background.
  • The crypto market trend (bear or bull).

Where Can I Watch Crypto Prices Live?

To check out current crypto rates, you can enter the Coinmarketcap resource and see the ranking of all digital assets with their prices, market capitalisation, and trade volume. Or you can enter any crypto platform, for example, WhiteBIT, and see the rates there. It is a centralised crypto exchange that offers over 400 crypto pairs and allows the use of different trading tools, such as leverage, futures, margin, etc.

The WhiteBIT blog provides articles and guides on trading, crypto charts, analytics, and overviews of crypto projects and their prospects. So check out the WhiteBIT blog and learn more information about the crypto market.

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