How to Look Younger for a Longer Time

Contributed by Jane Ellen

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Many people are on a quest to find the holy grail for eternal youth. Unfortunately, there is no such thing since aging is a natural and irreversible process. As you grow old, the skin gets thinner and less elastic, making it more susceptible to sun damage and bruising. Wrinkles and fine lines also become more prominent. Skin starts to sag, and it becomes dry because it produces less oil, which gives it moisture and plumpness. But the good news is there are ways to delay the signs of aging, especially if they show up prematurely. You can still look younger for a longer time with the tips below.


Avoid stress

Stress can trigger inflammation in the body, which affects the skin structure. It weakens the barrier that protects the skin, damaging the cells. The stress hormone cortisol also breaks down the elastin and collagen of the skin, leading to dry and saggy skin. Facial lines also deepen because of frowning, which you probably are unaware you’re doing when stressed out. It’s also difficult to get enough sleep when you have worries. So, find ways to manage stress, like reaching out to loved ones for support, doing something you love, and meditating. Talking to a counselor or therapist would also help.


Eat healthy foods

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is needed for overall health. There are foods that can help maintain a youthful glow longer, so you may want to increase their consumption. Examples are foods rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties like berries, papaya, and turmeric. The latter is also available in powder forms like turmeric latte, which you can conveniently add to juices, milk, soups, and other foods you cook. Besides turmeric, the latte has other ingredients that potentially have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents beneficial for the skin. It’s also believed to help relieve stress and anxiety, which helps in preventing premature aging.


Be consistent with your skincare

Maintain a good skincare routine to prevent premature signs of aging and make your skin healthy. Always check the ingredients of your skincare products to ensure they are made for your skin type and provide the benefits you are after. For example, those with anti-aging benefits are perfect if you want to fight early signs of aging. Include sunscreen in your routine. If you have any concerns or need expert advice, don’t hesitate
to reach out to a St George dermatologist who can provide professional guidance and treatment options tailored to your specific needs. Make it a habit to apply it regularly to protect your skin from the sun’s damage. Choose one with a higher SPF if you will stay out longer.


Exercise regularly

One of the benefits of exercise is improved blood circulation, which means that all parts of the body receive enough oxygen to keep them healthy, including the skin. Insufficient levels of oxygen could cause cell damage, affecting the skin.


Consider cosmetic procedures

Thanks to the advancement of science and technology, there are now several procedures to delay signs of aging. Examples are Botox and dermal fillers. Consult only with a professional and licensed dermatologist for these procedures.

Aging may be inevitable, but you can prolong your youthful appearance with healthy lifestyle choices and help from skin experts.


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