Gastric Bypass Abroad- Why?


Written by Chriss Scharf

Not scientifically reviewed by Dr. Eeks 


Well, hello there! Hope you are feeling well?

Today 2 common questions will be answered– which is a good place to have gastric bypass abroad & what are the main things to do to make maximum out of the post-operation weight loss without gaining anything back.

Gastric bypass abroad – why?

So, why should you decide on gastric bypass or any weight loss surgery abroad?

Three major reasons: 

  1. Having gastric bypass abroad gives you a whole lot of choices between premium quality clinics and professionals.
  2. Gastric bypass surgery prices – cost varies a lot across Europe, you may easily save 2/3 of what you would pay in some local private clinics.
  3. Speed. Choosing to have the surgery off-motherland can cut the waiting from several years to mere 3-4 months.

…and where?

As previously explained, there are some major reasons for choosing gastric bypass abroad.

When it comes to gastric bypass, Europe has a good dozen countries to choose between, starting with high-end countries like Switzerland and France – but the high prices hint that for several common bariatric surgeries, including gastric bypass, Latvia, a Baltic country, could be the best option, both for a much lower price, experts and years of high success rates.

Now that you are losing weight, how to keep it from coming back?

After such an investment, both financially and physically, you will be wanting to make the most of it. And these are your main tools of the trade:

  • Follow all the professional advice step-by-step, meticulously. Your aftercare lasts for a good 5 years. Make most of it.
  • Keep the prescribed diet and take your supplements.
  • Exercise plenty.
  • Remember – mental health matters!
  • Stumbling happens, mistakes are OK. Reach out for help, don’t struggle alone!

If you have any questions, please reach out to a trusted medical source in your life.

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