Turmeric’s Rise in Popularity: Does Turmeric Benefit Your Health?

By: Jen Lee

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Turmeric has long been the subject of great interest. It was once thought to be a treatment for various ailments, but more studies are now being done in order to figure out what turmeric can accomplish. We’ll highlight the benefits of turmeric in this post!

What Is Turmeric?

Turmeric is a popular culinary spice that has been used in curry for hundreds of years. It also gives curry powders their distinctive golden colour. Turmeric was also utilized as a medicinal herb in India for many years.

Why Is Turmeric So Popular?

Turmeric has a lot of advantages, but let’s delve further into them. There’s much to appreciate about turmeric when it comes to digestive support, as well as its wonderful taste!

While there aren’t many studies showing the medicinal value of turmeric, a significant amount of research has been conducted on how it affects your digestive system. You can dive more into the research around the health benefits of turmeric on this Blooming Wellness blog here. Turmeric supplements are readily accessible to purchase, owing to this. Turmeric supplements frequently include additional vitamins to support your body’s natural function, but not every supplement is the same, and since the supplement world is not regulated, it’s important to do your homework when it comes to picking one that is right for you.

It’s known for its distinctive hue

Turmeric is recognized for its brilliant golden colour, which is owing to the presence of a pigment known as beta-Carotene. It’s also used in tiny amounts for its colour because it adds flavour to curries. Turmeric, with hues that range from bright yellow to deep orange, is simple to identify. This popular colour will undoubtedly bring a grin to your face. Some people use the spice in homemade skin products to add a healthy glow.

It tastes great to eat

We have some fantastic news for people who wish to include more turmeric to their diet – it’s delicious! If you use a lot of it, expect earthy and pungent notes. Some people claim that the taste is harsh or musky. Don’t worry if you don’t like spicy foods. Turmeric has a distinctive aroma but isn’t as powerful as other spices. If you want to eat lightly seasoned food, add little quantities of spice to each serving. It will give just enough flavour without overpowering your meal.

It’s compatible with a wide range of foods

Turmeric, like many other spices, has a beautiful taste. You’ll be happy to hear that it complements a wide range of meals. That’s correct – you don’t have to stick to curry! Turmeric has several usages, including breakfasts and beverages.

Turmeric has a strong and pleasant flavour that may be used to enhance the taste of numerous dishes. Here are some examples of recipes that benefit from turmeric:

  • In curries
  • In smoothies
  • In golden milk, teas and tonics
  • In breakfast meals

There are so many alternatives to consider, but the ones listed above would appeal to almost anybody! Although a spice, don’t be afraid to experiment with it in new ways.


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