“Dear Santa, I’d like a big word for “I Don’t Know”

In this episode of funny:

This drawing is originally from my short parody on the business of wellness, Yours in Wellness, because I spared no one in that lil’ chunk of my brain. The preface of the parody is that the lead character who writes all the letters uses color therapy to cope as her business crumbles around her. So technically all of the drawings were her form of therapy…though I admit that not many people get that. I also think no one should read the book. The narrator I worked with, an actress in Philadelphia, did such a great job with the recording, it’s much better experienced as an audiobook.

This drawing is timely too…pandemic timely…because I think if more experts were willing to say they didn’t know the answer to something, we wouldn’t have so many angry people running around. I will write a real blog soon in the “health communications” category on the art of communicating uncertainty. To do that, however, one must let the ego go.

Till then, you can read my latest health comms piece: The Art of the Risk/Benefit Analysis


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