How Laxatives Can Affect Weight Loss

By: Jane Sulley 

Not medicall reviewed by Dr. ErinKate Stair

Many people are looking for ways to lose weight for many reasons. Losing weight helps to keep our bodies healthy and reduces the risks of illnesses. One method for losing weight is through taking laxatives. This medication helps to stimulate bowel movements or ease the passage of stool. People also use laxatives to treat constipation, which is when an individual has difficult bowel movements.

The increased levels of bowel movements make laxatives an easy way of reducing weight. However, the truth behind laxatives as a weight-loss method is not so popular with people. Read on to know more about laxatives and weight loss.

Different Classes of Laxatives Laxatives are an effective remedy for constipation by helping stimulate bowel movements. The different classes of laxatives work differently with various bowel conditions.

● Stimulant laxatives: Speeds up the activities of the digestive tract

● Bulk-forming laxatives: Moves undigested matters in the intestines, absorbs water and adds bulk to stool

● Lubricant laxatives: This type of laxative coats the surroundings of the lining of the intestines and the stool’s surface to ease bowel movements

● Stool softeners: These make stools carry more water, which makes them softer for easier passage

● Osmotic-type laxatives: These laxatives help the colon in water retention and increase the frequency of bowel movement

● Saline laxatives: Saline laxatives help water going into the small intestine to improve bowel movements

Reduces Water Weight

People using laxatives can lose weight quickly, since it directs water from your body towards the intestines. This process makes the stool absorb water to create an easier passage. This process reduces weight due to the water that your body excretes through the stool.

Laxatives Can Cause Dehydration

The basic process of laxatives is to use water from your body to help your bowel movement, leading to dehydration if used excessively. Dehydration is dangerous to a person using laxatives without replenishing lost water. Dehydration may cause a person to have headaches, reduced urine secretion, dry skin, dizziness, fatigue, and increased thirst.

Electrolyte Imbalance

Electrolytes help the tissues and cells in your body to function properly, which contains sodium, magnesium, phosphate, chloride, potassium, and calcium. If there is an imbalance in electrolytes, it can be dangerous to a person and might experience confusion, seizures, and coma. Other symptoms of electrolyte imbalance are heart palpitations, weakness, muscle aches, fatigue, thirst, and headaches.

Dependency on Laxatives

Laxatives are safe to use for the short-term, and some people worry about the laxative dependency if used for the long term. Stimulant laxatives may cause a person to depend on it despite reports on this use being still informal.

Other Effective Ways to Lose Weight

There are many other effective ways to lose weight rather than using laxatives. Here are some safe and effective weight loss procedures.

● Consume more vegetables and fruits: These are rich in fiber and low in calories, which helps in reducing body weight

● Exercise Daily: A good 30-minute exercise every day will help you lose weight and keep it off

● Smaller Portions: Smaller portions of food intake reduces your calories

● High-protein Intake: A breakfast that is high in protein can help reduce your appetite for the rest of the day

Bottom Line

Laxatives are an effective solution for bowel movements problems such as constipation, and some people are using it as a weight-loss remedy. It can be effective, but the results will only be temporary. The overuse of laxatives can be dangerous for your health due to their side effects. It would help to buy from reputable stores like to know more about the indications for use.

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