Diet and Breast Cancer: A Causes or Cures Podcast

Diet and Breast Cancer


Diet and Breast Cancer:

Hi guys. In this Causes or Cures Podcast I was lucky to chat with Dr. Katie Sturgeon about the link between diet and breast cancer outcomes and survivability. Over the past couple of years, I’ve had several good friends diagnosed with breast cancer, and at relatively young ages. One of them asked me what the best diet was for best breast cancer outcomes. I wasn’t sure, or even if there was one, so I decided to dig a little and find an expert willing to come on Causes or Cures and share with us. Breast cancer affects so many women’s lives, and their families and friends, so I hope this podcast offers helpful information.

Dr. Sturgeon and I  also discuss the link between exercise and breast cancer. Specifically,  the podcast will explore what diet, lifestyle changes and exercise program is optimal for improving breast cancer outcomes and survivability and why. Dr. Sturgeon will dive into the research…what’s known and what is currently being studied. The podcast will also explore best preventive measures pre-menopausal women can take to lower their risk of getting breast cancer. You can listen to the episode here. 

Dr. Sturgeon is a researcher and assistant professor at Penn State Cancer Institute and works in the Department of Public Health Sciences, Division of Epidemiology. Her research focuses on how exercise and lifestyle changes impact chronic diseases and cancer.

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