Ivermectin Debate: My 1st TrialSite News Podcast !

Ivermectin Debate with Dr. Erin Stair


Hi guys,

Hope everyone is having a fulfilling summer so far. I’ve been busy with work, home improvement projects, recruiting folks to come on my Causes or Cures Podcast and pulling out my hair to finish the last chapter in a new medical fiction book I’m writing. It’s a detective-romance story ( albeit a bizarre romance story), and I got myself to the last chapter, where I’ve been stuck for 6 weeks! I am horrible at endings. Which is ironic, considering I’m a fatalist.

Anyhow… I also have a cool announcement! I’m excited to announce that I took on a side gig as host of the TrialSite News podcast on Youtube! It’s definitely bigger than my lil’ podcast and has 55,000 subscribers already, and it’s not just audio ( like mine), but also video. My first podcast was hosting a debate between Professor Luis Garegnani and Dr. Pierre Kory on the evidence for using Ivermectin for prevention or treatment for COVID-19. Now, unless you live under a rock ( and if you do, I often envy you), you’ll know that this is a controversial drug and a heated debate. If you read the many comments posted under the Youtube podcast, you’ll see how passionate people feel about this issue…although most are biased towards Ivermectin. Luis is also getting some heat in the comments section for being a “physical therapist” but what people are NOT commenting on is that he is ALSO a professor of research methods & evidence-based methods, and he is a Research Fellow at Instituto Universitario del Hospital Italiano Cochrane Associate Centre since 2018 and currently an Associate Editor for the peer-reviewed BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine Journal. He wrote an opinion piece on Ivermectin in the BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine Journal, basically stating that we shouldn’t use it yet, which is WHY I asked him to come on and defend his position. So, for the record, it’s not like I picked a random physical therapist on the street to duke it out with a seasoned ICU doctor. Dr. Kory has gained international fame for promoting an Ivermectin protocol that he and fellow physicians developed for treating COVID-19. He doesn’t believe we need more double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trials to support the widespread use of Ivermectin…and he’s very passionate about it. So, I came up with some questions and hosted the debate, which you can watch here. 

Also, I think one of the MOST glaring things about the Ivermectin debate is the clash between experts who analyze evidence bases for a living and the doctors who treat patients for a living. In essence, it’s evidence-base experts vs clinical experts, and one wonders where the right equilibrium is? A lot of folks setting the rules for Ivermectin don’t treat COVID-19 patients. At the same time, medicine is “evidence-based” for a reason, and we have a hierarchy of evidence for a reason, we have double blinding for a reason and we have placebos for a reason. Of course today, we also have to deal with the influence of Big Pharma and profit-motivated decisions…, so it’s a very tricky environment to navigate.

I hope you guys watch the Ivermectin Debate here and please subscribe too! Feel free to message me here if you have ideas for guests or topics, for either Causes or Cures or TrialSite News.

PS:  Check out another recent podcast on what causes obesity and how obesity “as a disease” relates to the Fat Acceptance Movement.

Read my first book Manic Kingdom on Amazon…because it’s a good and true story and will maybe motivate me to finish this last chapter of my new book. Grrrr.


Take care you guys and talk soon,

Erin ( Eeks)

4 Responses to “Ivermectin Debate: My 1st TrialSite News Podcast !”

  1. Saw you with Malone tonight. Great interview. Thanks for all the good work I am seeing on your site!

  2. Thank you so much for your informative interviews with World Ivermectin Day. Having my background in Naturopathy, I am most interested in knowing the sourcing of this drug. I’d appreciate you connecting with me. I can readily see that you are very busy. So, could you find a spare??? moment to say “Hi?” Warmly, Denn

  3. It is good image for your life.Thanks for all the good work.I am see your site!

  4. Thanks Dr. great stuff!
    FYI. I have been using the cattle formula of ivermectin for at least six months. Way over the recommended dose. Appetite is fine !
    I’m not recommending just a comment on how safe it is. Best

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