Medical Trivia: Till Death Do Us Part? Nah.

Medical Trivia time!

What happens when a beautiful woman with TB comes to see a radiology tech? Something far outside the boundaries of your imagination.

The interesting thing about this piece of trivia is that the man continued to see patients during the day, as a radiology tech, while “she” waited for him at home, in his bed. Imagine being his patient… you’d probably never guess. Also, interesting: the public was very sympathetic with the man’s situation. Rather than viewing him as a “creep” or “psycho”, they viewed him as an eccentric romantic. I doubt there’d be a similar sentiment today. I don’t think this guy would get a #metoo hashtag for a corpse, but still. I think he’d be judged way harsher.

You can see all of these on my Instagram feed- Medical trivia highlights section.

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