Medical Trivia: What Really Ailed Tiny Tim?

This is a fun medical trivia tidbit, mostly because millions of people watch A Christmas Carol during the holiday season. While Tiny Tim IS a fictional character, his symptoms portray an actual illness. Here’s what the experts think:

Medical Trivia


And…here is ONE more medical trivia piece for the holidays. How many people get injured by Christmas trees or holiday decorating per year? (While this is from an actual journal…I’m not “so” sure how accurate the numbers are.) On a personal note, I’ve never been injured by a Christmas Tree or Christmas. I have been injured by Halloween. I don’t remember how it happened, but I was dressed up as a Carebear and managed to set myself on fire. I was probably playing with matches, knowing me. I was able to get out of the costume with no “serious” injuries and was very upset that I then had to dress up as a boring skeleton to go Trick-or-Treating. Ahem…anyhow, here we are:

Medical Trivia


Don’t forget that I post all of these on my Instagram page…that’s if you’re into this sort of thing. The Instagram highlights section allows for a nice way to organize them.  ;)

You can also check out this medical trivia bit on Truth Serum.

Anyhow, I hope you guys all have a good holiday season. I know 2020 has been rough, but count your blessings. It could always be worse. And if you have some downtime, do check out my podcast Causes or Cures. I’ve been lucky to get some really smart people on it. Lately, there are a lot of doctors talking about COVID-19-related things, and probably saying things that you won’t find in the mainstream media. That’s the beauty of being an independent in all senses of the word. ;)

Talk soon!


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