Returning to Work During COVID19: What Employers Can Do to Support Wellness


Not medically reviewed by Erin Stair, MD, MPH 

COVID19 completely changed the world as we know it, and today, it’s understandable that many employees are feeling concerned about the prospect of returning to work before there is a vaccine for the coronavirus available. People who work with the general public in particular are worried about the prospect of potentially catching the virus themselves, or passing it on to a vulnerable loved one. As an employer, there are several things that you might want to consider doing in order to protect your staff’s health and wellness during this time.

Sneeze Guards and Masks:

If you run a retail store or have employees stationed close to members of the public, sneeze guards can be an ideal solution for offering extra protection. These guards are usually fitted around checkout registers or in front of staff stations in order to provide a barrier between themselves and the customers. Paired with a surgical or medical face mask, sneeze guards can help your employees feel more protected and secure at work with the general public. You can order them at

Social Distancing:

Employees are likely to feel more worried and frightened about the virus if they are in constant close proximity to others, so it is crucial that you implement and enforce strict social distancing policies in your business. In industries where this is not possible, it’s important to come up with measures to offer an extra layer of protection such as personal protective equipment or limiting the number of customers allowed in at one time.

Mental Health Support:

Understandably, many people have been affected mentally by this pandemic, as the world has seen an unprecedented level of stress and anxiety. And, people who are returning to work during this time are often the ones who are struggling the most as they need to make a living but struggle with worry and fear about catching the virus or passing it on to loved ones. As an employer, it’s important to do what you can to support your employees’ mental health right now more than ever. Any employees who are able to work from home should be able to do so, and make sure that employees know how they can get help and support if they need it, either from yourself or occupational health professional. You might find it useful to compile a list of local mental health services and professionals that your employees may wish to utilize if they need to.

Returning to work during COVID19 is a scary prospect for some. As an employer, these are just some of the essential things to do to support your employees’ health and wellbeing right now.

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