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When you work in wellness, you’ll encounter EMF shields. Sometimes they come in the form of tiny magnets that you can stick on your devices and sometimes they come in the form of clothes or even crystals. A lot of my customers who are concerned about EMF radiation have written me and ask, “Do EMF shields work?” The short answer is no, I don’t believe there’s enough evidence to even suggest that they are significantly reducing one’s exposure to EMF radiation. Below I linked to an Instagram video I made about EMF radiation and EMF shields. I encourage you guys to watch it, because I think it’s important to address the potential harm of EMF radiation in a practical, scientific way.

I plan on doing a separate podcast on why I’m interested in EMF radiation (the type of radiation emitted from your cell phones, Bluetooth headphones, wireless earbuds and laptops) and EMF shields and what I ultimately concluded. It’s entirely accidental, but once I got interested, I kept digging and reading and interviewing…and digging and reading and interviewing. If you are trying to find out more information about the potential health effects of EMF exposure, I invite you to check out my health podcast, Causes or Cures. I’ve featured five or six doctors on this topic, and also a nurse educator who suffers from EMF Hypersensitivity. It’s funny, a female “scientist” publicly called me a Quack and said I was into “Woo” for addressing EMF radiation at all. When I responded to her and said that the World Health Organization has formally classified EMF Hypersensitivity and has long recognized EMF radiation as potentially carcinogenic, she said the World Health Organization “is into woo as well.” That made me laugh. I should also note that our own National Toxicology Program ( Part of the US Government) conducted one of the largest animal studies on the link between EMF radiation and cancer and found a significant link. Scientists at the National Toxicology Program even updated their FAQs section to reflect this. It’s the last Question on their FAQS :  

Q: Have NTP scientists changed their cell phone use or what they recommend to their families?
A: NTP scientists have become more aware of their usage and follow the FDA’s tips for reducing exposure to cell phone RFR:

  • Reduce the amount of time spent using your cell phone, and
  • Use the speaker mode or a headset to place more distance between your head and the cell phone.”


THAT’S A BIG DEAL. So, I guess if I’m a Quack into “Woo”, well, I’m certainly not alone!  ( By the way, if you read my new parody, Yours in Wellness, Krystal Heeling,  you’ll know what I think about scientists and doctors who immediately resort to calling someone else a Quack.  😉 )

In addition to being asked, “Do EMF shields work,” another question I’m often asked is, “What about 5G?!?”  I know 5G is all the rage, but the current published studies are not on 5G. I can’t comment on the safety of 5G. Would it be wise to study 5G before introducing it to the world? Yes, probably. But many exposures are never studied and proven safe in randomized controlled trials before hitting the market. We see this with pesticides and of course, smoking. Companies and Stakeholders cross their fingers and hope they’re safe enough. There’s a “Let’s not get in the way of progress” attitude that drives these exposures to the market. Companies make a lot of money along the way, until the research on negative health effects starts to catch up and new public health policies are enacted.  Not every exposure follows that pathway, but unfortunately, many do.

But do EMF shields work? If EMF radiation exposure is harmful, can a shield protect you and keep you safe? There are a ton of new wellness companies creating all kinds of EMF shields. I’ve seen hats, underwear, phone cases, magnets…and I’m sure more is to come. On a positive note, these companies acknowledge that EMF radiation exposure can be harmful to our health. They get that. But do their EMF shields actually work? Are there independently conducted studies from reputable labs showing that they work? I’ve been sent a few EMF shields to review, but I had no real way of knowing if they worked. However, I did interview Dr. Paul Heroux, and he has tested many commercial EMF shields in a reputable lab . Dr. Heroux has his PhD in physics and is a researcher who focusses on EMF exposure and biological effects. He is highly published in this area and runs InVitro Plus, a toxicology laboratory out of McGill University Health Center, dedicated to studying the therapeutic and pathological effects of electromagnetism. I interviewed him on my podcast about the efficacy of EMF shields.

Finally, below is the Instagram video I made on this topc and what you can do if you are REALLY interested in reducing your exposure. If you are on Instagram, please say hello and hope you follow me there. I try to keep it informative and entertaining… and of course, somewhat funny.  Thanks guys, Erin

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