Ozone Therapy for the Coronavirus?

Ozone Therapy and the Coronavirus


Ozone therapy for the Coronavirus?

What?!? Have I lost it? Is this quackery? 😉

Guys, on my latest Causes or Cures podcast episode I chatted with Dr. Howard Robins on ozone therapy for the coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19. Now, I want to make this clear: I don’t endorse this treatment for the coronavirus. In fact, I wasn’t going to do this episode, or at least not post it publicly, because one needs to be very careful when discussing potential treatments or alternative approaches to serious illnesses, let alone a pandemic that doesn’t yet have an approved clinical approach. People are frightened and eager to believe that something, anything, works. But I changed my mind when I saw that a peer-reviewed medical journal already posted an opinion piece on it. The Journal of Infectious Disease and Epidemiology posted an article, co-written by Dr. Howard Robins, called : A Plausible “Penny” Costing Effective Treatment for Coronavirus: Ozone Therapy. I read the article and found it interesting. Some of my blog readers read it and wrote me, asking me if I knew anything about ozone therapy and the coronavirus. I didn’t. I consider myself an Ozone Illiterate, but my initial gut feeling was that it was wishful thinking. Still, after seeing that it was already featured in a medical journal and “out there” so to speak, I felt it was safe to discuss it on my podcast. I reached out to Dr. Robins, and he was kind enough to do the podcast with me. Who is he?

Dr. Howard Robins is a podiatrist who specializes in the use of bio-oxidative therapies for the treatment of diseases and conditions affecting the foot and ankle. He created the Robins Method of Direct Intravenous Ozone Therapy, which he administers in his midtown NYC office. On the podcast we discuss what ozone therapy is, who might benefit, and the evidence for it. In preparation for the interview, I did a literature search on ozone therapy. I was looking specifically for randomized controlled trials, since they are considered the gold standard of evidence. I found some showing that ozone therapy may be efficacious for back pain  and another one showing that it may be efficacious for controlling pain and inflammation after dental surgery. I did not find any randomized controlled trials involving ozone therapy and the coronavirus, and I ask Dr. Robins about this in the podcast. Ideally, there should be at least one before definitively saying that an intervention works for a particular ailment. However, standards are more flexible when it comes to an emerging infectious disease that we know little about and one that is affecting millions across the globe. When people are dying and there are no definitive treatments, the “try anything” approach becomes more logical. We even see that with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, a combination being used in hospitals around the world. I also want to make it clear that just because something doesn’t have a randomized controlled trial, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It very well might, but the standard is always to test it under controlled conditions. Sometimes a randomized controlled trial never happens, whether it be for ethical reasons, the impossibility of controlling conditions, lack of funding or something else. Still, it’s always possible to be honest about the level of evidence, for anything.

I connected with Dr. Robins super late on a Thursday evening to discuss ozone therapy and the coronavirus. I think it was close to midnight…so hopefully neither of us sounds too loopy!  😉 Keep in mind that this was recorded before the pandemic really took off in the USA. I don’t know every word that was said in the podcast, but I imagine that both of our perspectives shifted since then. Despite the plethora of data holes ,we have a heck of a lot more information now than we did then.

And I cannot stress this enough: I do not, in any way, shape or form, recommend or endorse ozone therapy for the coronavirus. This podcast, like all of my podcasts, is JUST information. It’s just a conversation, and we ALL should be able to have those with anyone. I wanted to learn more about ozone therapy, too, which is part of the reason I did this podcast. Like I said, I’m an ozone illiterate. I’m not, however, running out the door to get ozone therapy for the coronavirus. And neither should you. So, if you can listen to this podcast with a meditative mind, fantastic. If you can’t, don’t listen. If you listen to this podcast and have a desire to gain more knowledge about ozone therapy, wonderful! If you listen to this podcast and leave thinking ozone therapy is a cure for the coronavirus, you listened wrong.

Here is the link to the “Ozone therapy for the Coronavirus” podcast with Dr. Robins. You can also find and subscribe to Causes or Cures on Apple and Spotify.

One more thing. Folks often ask me where I record the podcast. I record them from my apartment in NYC. My guest is always remote. I do my best with the sound and noise control, but sometimes you’ll hear my dog bark, a stomach growl, an angry neighbor in the apartment building, a loud truck or a honking horn…but for the most part, you’ll hear the podcast just fine. 😉 I did look into renting a studio to do the podcast, but the rates were ridiculous. Plus, it’s more real and organic this way, which is A-Okay by me.

Another note. Folks have asked me when the audio version of Yours in Wellness, Krystal Heeling will be available. The answer is SOON, and I am so excited for you to listen to it. An actress, not me, is the narrator, and she is doing one Hell of a job. It’s a parody on what’s wrong with the wellness industry, and her depiction of Krystal Heeling, the main character, is spot on.  She is in the process of recording the individual letters and then we will put those together and then it should be ready for public consumption. If you prefer to read a copy of my book, it’s available here on Amazon. The print version is a little more expensive due to the illustrations and print cost. I’d recommend getting the kindle version, but that’s just me.

Thanks guys- Erin


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