Everything You Should Note when Proposing Medicare Advantage Plan to Your Customers

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Guest Post by: Ashley Lipman

When a person gets health insurance, they have many different potential options they can choose from. People can get health insurance from the public marketplace, their employer or a private company. Going with a private company can offer benefits that you may not get from your employer or the public marketplace.


Even those who qualify for Medicare have some choices and can benefit from working with a private company. This is through a Medicare Advantage plan. Also known as Part C, this plan is popular and used by many people instead of original Medicare.


However, if you’re a private company, what are the benefits of these plans that you should make your customers aware of? Well, if that is a concern you have, you’re in luck. Without any further ado, this article is going to look at some things you should be sure to make note of when pitching a Medicare Advantage plan to your customers.


They Often Offer Additional Coverage

If you are only covered by traditional Medicare, there are several holes in coverage that many people will want filled. These can be things like dental, vision, massage, prescription drugs and potentially others. While some are fine without these being covered, many want (if not need) them. These can cost hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars a year if not covered, so be careful if you go without being insured in these areas.


A Medicare Advantage plan offers you the same coverage as original Medicare, only with the options for this additional coverage. There is no other way to get them added other than going to a private company and enrolling in Medicare Part C. So if your customer wants something additional that isn’t included in Part A or Part B, be sure to let them know about Medicare Advantage. If not, they may not be able to affordably get the coverage they want.


More Customization Options

However, just because you go with a Medicare Advantage plan doesn’t mean that you are getting the same additional coverage as anyone else. There is a ton of potential for customization when it comes to Medicare Part C. One person’s plan could have a bit of dental coverage and a lot of vision coverage, while another might need a lot of dental coverage but no vision. The opportunities are endless and these plans can be personalized just for you.


This truly gives customers more of a say as to what they want to be paying for and what they don’t. No matter the needs of your customer, you should be able to design them the perfect Medicare Advantage plan. They can be a one-stop-shop for all of your needs, which can be very convenient in our often-busy lives.


Medicare Advantage Plans are Often Cheaper

While this isn’t always the case, a Medicare Advantage plan can often be cheaper for individuals. Of course, the price varies from plan to plan and will depend on what type of coverage is included. But some Advantage plans will have no costs for some premiums or deductibles, which can equal lots of savings.


Also, Medicare Advantage plans have a yearly maximum when it comes to out-of-pocket costs, which will surely make it cheaper for most people. Things like your cost-sharing could also see a reduction. If you want prescriptions in original Medicare, you need a standalone plan which also may not come cheap. Be sure to go over with your customer and their unique situation to see if a Part C plan can save them money.


In conclusion, this article has mentioned just about everything you should make your customers aware of when proposing a Medicare Advantage plan.


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