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Julie Ryan


In the latest Causes or Cures podcast, I had a great chat with Julie Ryan, a medical intuitive, psychic and energy healer. If you’re skeptical about all of those things, good. Even more reason to listen with an open mind. I told Julie I was skeptical during the interview, and we talked about that and how she handles skepticism in general. Interestingly enough, a medical professional in my family discovered that she has abilities similar to Julie Ryan’s. Again, I was skeptical, but after you listen to the stories, one starts to wonder if there’s any truth to it. As someone educated within the strict and rigid boundaries of traditional medicine, one thing doctors never learn, at least in medical school, is how to think outside the box. Evidence matters, but so does a humble acknowledgment of the vast amount of things we don’t know about the Mind, Body and Spirit.


Before Julie Ryan started a career as a medical intuitive, she founded several companies and invented surgical devices that are used around the world. Some of the services Julie Ryan offers include scanning a person for potential illnesses, energy healings, scanning pets for diseases, accessing past lives, and communication with spirits. She also helps remove ghosts from folks’ homes. During the interview, Julie Ryan discusses a time she was shocked by a ghost’s behavior. Listen and be the judge. Do you believe or don’t you? šŸ˜‰

Julie Ryan also discussesĀ  the “12 Phases of Transition” everyone goes through when he/she is dying, some of her specific experiences, including the most alarming one, what she tells skeptics and her new book, Angelic Attendants. To contact Julie and learn more about her work, visitĀ Ā  As always, you can contact me here.

To listen to the Causes or Cures podcast with Julie Ryan, Medical Intuitive, please click on the link. Share, subscribe, hit me up if you have podcast ideas…you know the drill. šŸ˜‰


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