Comedic Meditation: With Comedian Carla Collins & Katie Reese

Comedic Meditation with Carla Collins


What in the world is Comedic Meditation?

Listen to this episode of my Causes or Cures podcast, and I promise you’ll want to try it. But, even before you listen, doesn’t it just sound fun? Comedic Meditation?!?  It combines two of my favorite things, comedy and meditation, to form a super zen baby. ;)

I’ve been interested in the health effects of humor and laughter ever since I read Norman Cousins’ book, Anatomy of an Illness. In the book, Cousins talks about being diagnosed with an incredibly painful and debilitating illness, being told he was going to die, and then finding his own path to healing. Humor and laughter were key elements of his healing process, and he writes beautifully about how he used them, how they reduced his pain and how they significantly improved his overall well-being. After reading Anatomy of an Illness, I interviewed Dr. Kataria, a medical doctor based in India who invented laughter yoga after being assigned to research the health benefits of laughter. Today, laughter clubs are all over the world. I used to go to one in the heart of Times Square, but now I just laugh a lot in my living room. Then I read Dr. Paul Mcghee’s book, Humor, The Lighter Path to Resilience and Health, which dives deep into the research on humor and health benefits. He gets really specific, including how specific immune cells and organs respond to laughter and humor, so I highly recommend the read if you are interested in this topic. And that brings me to Comedic Meditation! I stumbled across comedian Carla Collins’ Instagram page and saw several posts about comedic meditation. I was intrigued and had to learn more. I reached out to Carla and she agreed to do the interview with the co-founder of Comedic Meditation, Katie Reese.

But more specifically, who are these people? Carla Collins is an award-winning comedian, originally from Canada, who performs all over the country. She’s also the bestselling author of Angels, Vampires and Douche Bags. You can watch her reality show Carlawood now showing on Amazon Prime. Katie Reese is a former comedian and co-founder of Elements of Wellness, a LA-based functional medicine and wellness center. In this episode we talk about their personal journeys, health setbacks, experiences with traditional medicine, comedy, meditation and how they collaborated to create Comedic Meditation. Click here to listen. I promise something in here will resonate with you. ;)

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