Cell Phone Addiction Quiz

Cell Phone Addiction

Is cell phone addiction a real thing?  I think so.

Do you think you might be addicted to your cell phone? Take this cell phone addiction quiz and see how you score. Obviously, the higher you score, the more you want to think about cutting back on your cell phone use. If you score over 31, consider yourself addicted and try to cut back.

I realize that people use their cell phones for work, health Apps, organizational Apps and other “vital” things that may cause folks to become defensive of their cell phone usage. This quiz isn’t to “shame” or “label” anyone. It’s purpose is to create awareness of one’s cell phone usage. If you have a high score on this quiz, perhaps it’s time to consider ways to reduce cell phone time. Perhaps it’s time to think about answers to these questions: Is the cell phone preventing you from fully engaging in the real world around you? Is the cell phone causing you to “sit and scroll” too much, that might be leading to added weight gain, depression and even anxiety? Is your cell phone usage interfering with a good night’s sleep? Is it hurting your eyes? Is it interfering with cultivating intimacy with real people in real life? Do you think you might have a cell phone addiction? 😉

In past blogs, I’ve written about a phenomenon I labeled the “phone pull” which I describe as an intense feeling ( like a craving) to constantly check your phone. In my opinion, it’s a type of tech-fueled anxiety. Whether you are being pulled by a dating App, social media, a game, messenger or email…the pull is there. I noticed this pull first in myself and realized how unhealthy it is. It’s very similar to a craving for a drug, and it pulls me out of real life and into a digital world. On no planet is that healthy. Then I took this quiz to build my own self-awareness around my phone usage and figure out ways I could cut back. I cut usage little by little and notice that I feel calmer, more content and thankfully less possessed by the monster phone pull. I’ve been going on walks without my phone; running without my phone; ditching it at night when I’m in bed and during social encounters…, and I feel a lot better. I suppose it’s a digital detox. A much needed detox. Now, if I run and want to listen to music or if I want to do sound therapy ( like ZENTones) or hypnosis, I  ditch my phone and use an Mp3 player. The phone pull anxiety has dissipated, my meditation/hypnosis practice is more effective, and I’ve experienced a freeing feeling…as if I didn’t realize how much my cell phone was weighing me down mentally. Furthermore, I’m cutting down my exposure to EMF radiation (electro-magnetic frequencies), which is credibly linked to serious health issues. So, given my own experience, I think it’s very possible to have a cell phone and be addicted to it. In fact, I think it’s very common…to the point of normalizing cell phone addiction. But being normal, doesn’t make it healthy.

This quiz is not a perfect science. It’s an adaptation from a study designed to produce a valid screening tool for cell phone addiction. As mentioned, I would use it only as a tool to create self awareness. The source of that article and where this quiz comes from is the following: ( Kwon, M., et al ( 2013). The Smartphone Addiction Scale: PLoS ONE 8 (12))


Pregnant? Minimize your cell phone and wireless exposure.

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