ZENBands and Wellness Travel: A Review from Tao Wander

Tao Wander ZENBand Review

ZENBands and Wellness Travel:

Wellness travel is becoming a huge trend, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Every time I travel, I have a little anxiety about how to maintain my health/wellness regimen , including exercise, good sleep, meditation, yoga and having access to the foods I like to eat and products I like to use. If I feel like I can’t maintain my wellness regimen while traveling, I’ll be miserable. I have to plan it out ahead of time. This brings me to the ZENBand.

Recently I’ve been connecting with wellness travel professionals and organizations, because a lot of my blog readers and customers are very conscious about wellness , and this includes while traveling. Lots of folks are using the ZENBand as a travel accessory specifically for wellness travel, and I love that. There are a few reasons why I think the ZENBand and wellness travel go together.

1) From the start, it’s made with wellness in mind, which is why I purposely don’t do Bluetooth. Anyone who knows me knows I talk about this issue a lot and feature scientists/ researchers on this topic on my podcast…, but really, would you walk around with 2 mini-microwaves in your ears and be okay with that? And not just for an hour but for hours every day? On a long trip?  My guess is no. If you are interested in reducing potential health risks from long-term Bluetooth exposure, the ZENBand is a great option for wellness travel.

2) I am always mindful of color therapy and the impact of color on mood. I take that into consideration when designing the ZENBands. I love when customers write me and request a specific color, because it makes them feel a certain way. Afterwards, I jot down a note, so if I currently don’t have the color/design, I can work on getting it. Color plays a role in traveling too. If you’re an anxious traveler, maybe you prefer a ZENBand with a calming color or design. If you want more energy for traveling or feel reluctant to go on a trip , try one of our brighter and energizing colors. Speaking of amazing colors and designs, I can’t wait to show you some of our new designs this Fall, designed by the very talented Elsha. ( Check out her website. She’s one of the most inspiring and talented people I know with one hell of a personal story. )

3) The ZENBand is super comfortable for your head and ears, which is what you want if you are traveling on planes and trains. I always travel with mine. It’s not noise canceling, on purpose, but the sound quality is great. Why isn’t it noise canceling? Because in this world, folks, you don’t want to nix one of your most important senses. You want to upgrade your situational awareness as much as possible and be aware of everything around you. Wellness is about being healthy, which includes staying alive. Situational awareness is Wellness 1010. Canceling noise means you are canceling one of your abilities to pick up potential situational dangers, and that can get you killed. ( I don’t mince words, do I? 🙂 )

4) The ZENBand is perfect for camouflaging travel hair, forehead blemishes and fine lines. The fact that we make it wider than normal headbands makes it great for hiding messy travel hair, zits and wrinkles. I actually LOVE it for this purpose. ( Not to mention, covering over stubborn grey roots that refuse to darken. ;)) It’s also stylish and discrete, with no outside labels, so you can wear it wherever you are traveling.

5) If you have trouble sleeping in hotels like I do or are concerned that a hotel might be too noisy, the ZENBand is a great tool to help coax your mind and body into sleep mode. I don’t recommend wearing it through the night, but just long enough to calm your mind and guide yourself into a relaxing state for sleep. You can listen to one of our Fall Asleep ZENTone programs (that include a great guided imagery by one of the most soothing voices around) to help induce sleep.  We have a lot of options in the ZENTones Sleep category, so check them out.  If you want more answers on the science behind the ZENTones, click here.

6) The ZENBand is super lightweight and EASY to bring with you anywhere. Seriously, it is. It’s super lightweight. You can easily toss it in your purse pocket or toiletries bag. And since we are focused on the ZENBand and wellness travel, you can use it to meditate on retreats, listen to hypnobabies scripts if you are pregnant or our sound therapy ZENTone programs too.

Truth be told, I’m biased about the ZENBand being a great and affordable travel accessory, because I made the darn thing. Now I’ll link to a review by Tao Wander, a wellness travel guru, who wrote a thoughtful review on the ZENBand and wellness travel.  I want to thank her for doing this, because reviews are the bread and butter of small businesses, yet I’m TERRIBLE at requesting them. Completely awful at it. By the way, I didn’t ask her to do this or pay her. I sent her a ZENBand to try, and she did the review and review video on her own.  So thank you so much, Tao Wander!! ( Also, check out her site. She has amazing tips for wellness travel destinations and retreats…heck, I might sign up for one! )  🙂

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Erin Stair, MD, MPH

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